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Recessed lights: design and functionality for each environment

Lighting offers the possibility of generating sensations within a space that daylight sometimes does not offer us. It is known that an environment can radically change from the appropriate use of light fixtures. One of them is represented by the recessed spotlights that they have (or in English: downlight) that have their own particularities that make them an effective ally both on a functional and aesthetic level.

Among its main characteristics, its ability to blend in with the architecture and acquire a leading role when turned on, depending on its scope of use, stands out. Thus, they can serve as a virtual guide when guiding the user toward a destination or highlighting specific sectors, going unnoticed at times when they are not used.

They are very efficient at a functional level when requiring a significant flow of light on certain surfaces and can currently be seen in sectors such as kitchen cabinet overhangs, inside cabinets, stairs, showcases, swimming pools, and garden paths, among others.

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Several years ago, the only option in this type of recessed lighting was represented by halogen spotlights, but currently there are different low- consumption modalities for recessing that allow you to play with the design of spaces and at the same time achieve savings with respect to installation costs. consumption https://www.lightr.us/.

Depending on their type of electrical connection, the recessed spotlights can be direct spotlights to the network or with a transformer, and at the same time, they can use saving halogen lamps and LED recessed lamps, among others.

-The spotlights connected directly to the network offer instant ignition and are optimal when trying to highlight specific points of interest, either for decoration or for work and/or study purposes.

They work with lamps that last approximately 2,000 hours and their provision is directly subject to the quality of the electrical service, that is, the flow of light can be affected by fluctuations in the network.

-The spotlights with transformer are equipped with a device that helps to avoid possible short circuits as well as keep them protected against possible electrical overloads. They work at a voltage of 12 V and, like the previous ones, they offer instant ignition, although the light they provide is more stable. It is estimated that the lamp has a useful life of 5 thousand hours.

Types of lamps

Meanwhile, the recessed spotlights can also use different types of lamps, one of which is the energy-saving halogens, which offer intense and instant lighting from the moment they are turned on “similar to what the old incandescents gave, but with a consumption of 30% percent less”, indicate the specialists. In its evolution, the old threaded ring fastening system has been replaced to be replaced by another called Twistlock, which allows changing the lamp in half the time.

Meanwhile, LED recessed lamps allow you to easily replace these sources with accessories that adapt to LED light sources. LED downlights embedded in the ceiling are the best option for high ceilings because they have an estimated duration of 50,000 hours.

LED technology simultaneously allows a number of design proposals that are complemented by low power consumption, which positions it as one of the most efficient use alternatives.

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