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5 Reasons To Hire An Accountant in the UK


The essence of incorporating the services of an accountant in any economic process or activity remains the same around the globe.  It is recognized as the process of identifying, measuring, calculating, and communicating economic information. Therefore, individuals, managers, investors, lending institutions, governments, and even non-governmental organizations require accounting information to permit informed judgment and decisions.   Hence, the need of hiring a professional accountant becomes a necessity.  

A buyers market?

Comments suggest that the UK is highly saturated with accounting owing to the fact it has the highest number of accountants per capita in the world. A chartered accountant in the UK earns an average salary of £35,457 or more per year in the UK depending on the location.  Out of the estimated global three million accounting practitioners, more than 10% are professionally trained accountants in the UK which is approximately 370,000.  This is a lot of choices to select from if you’re certainly looking for one! 

A major determinant of the growth and sustenance of a business is based on an effective financial management system.  Consequently, a crucial aspect of financial management entails the conscious planning, regulating, and organizing of financial activities such as procurement of any kind and utilization of funds. 

This process is only managed by an informed accountant! In the world of accounting, the UK holds a strong reputation as it continues to school others in developing accounting standards. In addition, the UK manages six powerful accounting and financial professional bodies recognized worldwide.

Managing a business requires sound financial data, records, and information necessary in facilitating a profitable decision-making process by the management. Therefore, it’s certain that hiring a competent accountant is the first step to protecting the future of your business.   If you run a business or profitable organization in the UK and have doubts as to why you don’t need the services of an accountant then you must rethink.  Consequently, you must understand that they are professionals who guide us in making financial decisions. Here are 5 reasons to hire an accountant in the UK.  

1. Offers business and financial advice.

Every business aims to maximize profit and no business can survive without profits. Therefore, the knowledge of an accountant comes in handy by giving economic advice where necessary. Records and performances of a business over periods are used by the accountant to determine profitability.  The accountant uses this knowledge to notify of potential risks and possible profits. 

2. To help reduce workload. 

Although, running a business can be very demanding in terms of time available to perform other tasks. You’ll need more to focus on your business rather than filling taxes payable to HMRC ( the tax authority)or bookkeeping.  As keeping financial records becomes tedious to maintain it will be best to hire an accountant.  Hiring one can save a lot because he takes charge of tax responsibilities and accounting procedures on your behalf.

3. To improve cash flow.

Your ability to efficiently manage the flow of money in and out of the business goes a long way.  If cash keeps running without adequate control, it will affect the growth of the business. However, an accountant can help make critical decisions in helping you detect what adds or takes wealth out of the business cycle.

4. To help manage sustainable growth. 

A professional accountant can assist you in being proactive. This helps you to swiftly adjust effectively to unexpected growth. Convert financial opportunities into advantages for maximum profits.

5.  To help measure business performance.

This is one numerous aspects of business growth that is ignored by most enterprises.  Setting achievable objectives and measuring them against profitability over time helps measure business accomplishments.  An accountant can assist in developing models for performance evaluation where results of growth measured are analyzed for further actions.  

If you’re looking to hire an accountant in the UK, look for small and freelance accountants who can offer a great deal. Large accounting firms tend to be more expensive. Try hiring an accountant in York for a great deal on your accounting and bookkeeping.

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