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Reasons to Choose Game Development as a Career Option

If you love playing games, then why not make them for a living? Game development is one of the most exciting and lucrative careers available today. Here are some reasons you should consider this awesome career path.

Gaming Industry Outlook

India’s young online gaming business has had an exceptional rise in recent years, propelling it into the top five global markets for mobile gaming. The next emerging industry is online gaming, which is growing at a 38% rate. According to a KPMG report, India currently has more than 400 gaming companies and has 420 million online gamers, second only to China. The KPMG analysis predicts that after five years of steady growth, it will have tripled in value and will be worth $3.9 billion by 2025. 360 million online players in 2020 increased to 390 million in 2021, an 8% increase. Data from a survey by EY and FICCI stated that by 2023, the global population of gamers is predicted to reach 450 million. Due to the huge demand of game developers, lots of trusted institutes are providing game development courses.

Reasons for Choosing Game Development:

– It’s easier to get into the industry than ever before

– Salary is high

– You can work from home!

– It’s an exciting and dynamic job with room for creativity

– Creating games has never been more popular than it is now

It’s Easier to Get into the Industry Than Ever Before

Being able to work in an industry that is growing at a fast pace is definitely a good incentive to choose a career in game development. The amount of money that can be generated from the sale of games (for example, “Grand Theft Auto V” earned an estimated $1 billion after just three days) is also quite large. This means that there are tremendous opportunities for growth in this field.

Salary is High  

One of the main reasons is the amount of money that can be made from the creation and sale of a game. There’s no denying that the salary in this industry is high. There are several factors that contribute towards this point. The video game industry is ever-evolving. Throughout your career, you’ll have the chance to learn new things, and there will never be any boring moments. At the same time, you’ll benefit from the stability of a permanent career because the video game industry is well established. Therefore, enrol you name in a game development course and enhance your skills.

Use Your Creative Skills

The ideas, structure, and rules of a video game are conceptualized by the game designer; some specialize in more obviously creative fields like script-writing or level design, while others focus on game-play design or level mechanics. In either case, using both technical knowledge and artistic and creative abilities will be part of your job as a game designer. You have to decide the components of the game will operate, such as how a character deals with barriers in the game or how the player obtains a score in relation to completing objectives, it is essential for a game developer to be analytical and structured. Moreover, making games from your home with a computer equipped with all the necessary software is quite convenient. For this reason, those who like to work at home are quite attracted to this industry.

It’s an Exciting and Dynamic Job with Room for Creativity

Being able to create your own games and make their gameplay become even more stunning is a great thing about game development. Due to the dynamic nature of this industry, it is also great for those who enjoy being challenged by the changing landscape of technology. In a digital age where people are consuming more and more media, there’s no denying that people’s love for games has also increased. This is one of the main reasons why game development is such a lucrative career option. Thanks to technological advances, aspiring game developers no longer need to go through a long and tedious process just to get into this industry.

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