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Reasons To Choose AltaPoint EMR Software For Your Practices


Altapoint EHR software is a great choice for medical professionals and newbies. Below are some features that will make this software an excellent fit for your practice. Consider the cost, functionalities, recommendations, as well as competitors.


Prices for Altapoint EMR software vary depending on how large your practice is. A subscription to Altapoint EHR software will cost you around $500 per month for small practices, while larger ones could be charged thousands of dollars each month. Altapoint offers a free trial for those who aren’t sure about the price of their software.

AltaPoint Medical offers a wide range of features and is easy to use. It allows you to bill primary, secondary and tertiary insurances. The software also includes patient management and claims clearing. You can also create a practice analysis report and access patient information.

Altapoint EHR software can be purchased in both cloud-based and on-premise versions. It can be used with touch-screen PCs and tablets, as well as a range of software and hardware platforms. External equipment can also be integrated into the system, such as the MedExperts patient kiosk. Patients can check in at the Kiosk and fill out their medical history. There is also a web-based module that allows for easy access to patient information.


AltaPoint EHR software compiles vital medical history data in one place, making it easier for doctors to keep track of records. It also conforms to government standards for meaningful usage. The software can reduce the amount of time doctors spend on documentation and charting, which allows them to concentrate on patient care. This EHR software also has an intuitive interface and unlimited templates that allow doctors to tailor the software to their needs.

AltaPoint, an ICD-10-compliant practice management system and EHR solution, is suitable for both small clinics and larger health centers. It is available in cloud or on-premise versions. H7 integration allows for connection to third-party EHRs. The software also includes advanced billing features and appointment scheduling. This is the ideal choice for users who are new to EHR.

Altapoint EMR has grown with medical practices over fifteen years. The software’s latest version has been updated to meet the changing needs of modern medical practices. It has evolved into a complete EHR solution, fully integrated with clinical software and practice management software. The software can be customized to suit a variety of specialties.


Altapoint EHR software offers many benefits. Altapoint EHR software has many advantages. It can cut down on time spent charting and improve patient care. The program includes a web-based module. It can also be used on tablet and touch screen computers. External equipment, such as the MedExperts Patient kiosk, can also be used. This allows patients to fill out their medical history online and avoid visiting a doctor.

AltaPoint EHR software includes practice management (PM), and electronic medical records. The software’s integrated HL7 interface makes it easy to integrate with many EMRs available. It is also suitable for both mental and physical health practices. AltaPoint can also be integrated with a third-party EHR. It includes authorization tracking, advance claim management, appointment scheduling and patient profile management. There are also inventory management features.

AltaPoint is an excellent choice for growing and small practices. It can be used in many specialties, including family medicine, pediatrics and urology. You can also customize the templates to suit your practice.


Altapoint’s EHR software is a 15-year-old product that has evolved with changing medical practices. Version 11 unlocks its full potential. It integrates seamlessly with clinical and practice management software, which allows it to adapt and scale to meet the demands of many specialties.

AltaPoint offers an ICD-10- and CMS-1500 compliant practice management system. It allows for patient management, collection, and inventory management. It supports paperless practices through the handling of claims, including electronic submissions of primary and secondary claims. It has an ANSI 5010-compliant Electronic Remittance Advice, (ERA), posting system.

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