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5 Big Reasons not to Invest in Windows 11

You’ll never see a Microsoft Windows upgrade that isn’t met with outright hostility, and while Windows 11 hasn’t received as much vitriol as previous versions of the operating system, that doesn’t mean everything is fine. The main source of contention has been its hardware requirements. Minor complaints about interface changes are akin to “someone moved my cheese,” but they still irritate longtime users. In many ways, Windows 11 is identical to Windows 10. It runs the same software and has the same peripheral hardware support. Nonetheless, there are several compelling reasons not to invest in Windows 11.

It’s always best to consult a computer repair shop.

Reasons not to invest in Windows 11

Signing into a Microsoft Account is required for Windows 11.

There are no Mac users who do not have an Apple account, nor are there any Chromebook or Android users who do not have a Google account. However, some Windows users are adamant about not logging into an account on their computer. If you’re one of these people, here’s why you shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 11. At least in the Home version. The Pro version does not have this requirement, but based on preview releases, it appears that this loophole will be closed in the future.

You only need to sign in to your account during setup for the Home version. You can then select a local account for normal PC use. Signing in to a Microsoft account, as with the other operating systems, provides benefits such as OneDrive backup, Store apps, Xbox games, Microsoft Family parental controls, and Phone Link for using your Android phone functions on your PC.

In Windows 11, the Action Center has been removed.

Instead of the tidy all-in-one Action Center for notifications and quick settings, Windows 11 divides its functions in a disjointed, somewhat illogical manner, resembling the messy splay of notification boxes seen in macOS (though not quite that bad). In Windows 10, you can adjust the sound by tapping the speaker icon, changing the Wi-Fi by tapping the Wi-Fi button, and checking your battery status by tapping the battery icon. These conveniences are grouped together in Windows 11, so tapping the sound icon brings up the battery and Wi-Fi options, which you don’t need. Windows 11 is less efficient in this situation.

You’d Miss the Timeline and Other Obsolete Windows 11 Features

As with all major OS updates, some features are added and some are removed. The most notable departures from Windows 11 are the Timeline, Live Tiles, and Internet Explorer. However, if you need to use an old business application that requires Internet Explorer, you can still use Internet Explorer mode within the Microsoft Edge browser. The Timeline, on the other hand, has vanished into the mists of time. I don’t use it frequently, but it comes in handy on occasion. Read more business blogs on techfily.

You Want All of Windows 10’s File Explorer Context Menu Options

I’m sort of playing devil’s advocate with this one, because I used to despise the endlessly deep right-click context menus that any app could add to the File Explorer’s right-click context menu in previous versions of Windows. You can still access them by selecting the Show More Options menu option. If that irritates you (as it does some users, according to web forums and comment sections like ours), you now have yet another reason not to upgrade.

There is no need to rush: you still have three years.

What’s the rush to upgrade to Windows 11 when Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 until October 2025? If you’re happy with Windows 10, as I am, there’s no reason to upgrade. Since the release of version 11, I’ve seen new features added to version 10. Having said that, some people enjoy having the most recent items and designs. I’ve had no issues with Windows 11—I used it exclusively for a month while working remotely—and there are certainly appealing features, such as the updated design and more-soothing system sounds. However, if you prefer, you can keep Windows 10 for the time being, and many of us will. We hope you liked this article on reasons not to invest in windows 11.

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