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Reasons why you should move to Valletta


It may be a small city on a tiny island, but it sure has a huge heart. As Valletta basks in the limelight of its Valletta European Capital City of Culture 2018, city living takes centre stage and more of us are strongly inclined to relocate to Valletta. With its wealth of beautiful buildings, Valletta has myriad properties in Valletta worthy of serious consideration. But it’s not just about the properties…

Moving to Valletta makes even more sense when one considers all the benefits and advantages of living within its walls. Here is why…

The hub of Malta

Valletta is the central hub wherein all that matters happens. It is always the star of the show and each and every national event gets to be celebrated here.

All roads lead to Valletta

You really don’t have to worry about getting there, or anywhere else, for that matter. Valletta boasts a transport system that pivots around it, so that almost all buses start and stop in Valletta. Taxis can take you to the nearby airport and ferry boat terminal to Sicily. You can catch a small local ferry boat to go across the harbour to the Three Cities or across to Sliema. And if you have shopping to carry from one end of the city to the other, then the City Cab is just right for you.

Endless shopping choices

You can shop to your heart’s delight. All the big European and international brands are there, as well as local designers, so you are simply spoilt for choice. But there are also the tiny corner shops, with their quaint facade, the greengrocers, the meat shops, the pharmacies…. the lot.

Museums on your doorstep

Valletta has some of the island’s most exciting museums. Consider the National Museum of Archaeology with its beautiful frescoed halls, St John’s Co-Cathedral and the soon to be inaugurated MUZA, alias the new museum of art, which is incidentally a key flagship project for Valletta’s European Capital City of Culture Title in 2018. Then there are the smaller museums such as the quaint Toy Museum or the house museum Casa Rocca Piccola. There is more to discover…

Wine and dine like there is no tomorrow

You can wine and dine all day and all night, if you so please. Whatever the cuisine you favour, you are most likely to find it in Valletta, from local cuisine, to Mediterranean, to oriental.

Experience living in Valletta before moving in

If you want to spend some time living in the city to get a feel of it before actually purchasing a Valletta property, you can decide to stay in one of the gorgeous boutique hotels ensconced within the walls of antique baroque palazzos. Or you can find a small B&B, a rental property…

Take a break in its lovely gardens

If you love gardens, you can visit the Upper or Lower Barrakka Gardens or the Hastings Gardens. All provide splendid panoramic views of the bastions, the water or the rest of Malta. In fact the Lower Barrakka Gardens are actually idyllic locations for weddings, selected by locals and foreigners alike.

A celebration of the best of Maltese culture

You can really appreciate the wealth of Maltese culture via all the celebrations, events, art exhibitions, pageants, brass bands….. that fill the city with sound, music and lively people.

Mingle with the crowd

And if you like people, you just have to sit in an open air cafe on Republic Street and watch the world go by. This amazingly cosmopolitan crowd of people that ebbs and flows in and out of the city each and every day.

Well, it’s the capital city after all…

The banks, law courts, lawyers’ offices, government offices….. all are conveniently located in Valletta.

Dull moments? Definitely not in Valletta.

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