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Reason Why Diesel Price in India is Raising and Its Effect Over The Country’s Economy

The diesel price has affected the economy of India and other countries in the world’s recent past. The diesel price is now increasingly high and has created a great demand for new sources, worsening the supply imbalance. It is leading to increased fuel oil production costs, which are passed on to consumers. As a result, the detriment of this tax on the Indian economy arises from its effect on production, raising prices for all products made with fossil fuels like petrol vehicles. Cost Masters is your consulting service provider that provides detailed information about Diesel Price in India.

Effect on the Economy of Rising Diesel Price in India

  1. It affects the economy of India in two ways:

a) Directly as higher tax causes less spending by consumers.

b) Indirectly, as higher price encourages consumers to look for substitutes.

  1. Economists in India believe that the recent diesel price hike will harm India’s economy. They think that since farmers and industrialists primarily use diesel, this sharp increase in the price of diesel will hurt agricultural produce and industrial goods due to rising input costs.
  2. Further, as Diesel Prices in India are not expected to stabilize soon, farmers and industrialists have started using bituminous and other alternative fuel sources to cut down costs further. That will translate into reduced output in these sectors for almost all manufacturers. Which will increase their cost
  3. In the automotive and construction industries, diesel use depends mainly on the availability of fuel supplies, out of which fluctuations in supply cause price fluctuations.
  4. Rising Diesel Price in India leads to an increase in the cost of production, which ultimately affects the cost of final products. When the producers pass on these costs to the consumers, a rise in prices for all products made from fossil fuels like petrol cars ensues.
  5. It is estimated that higher diesel prices could put pressure on inflation by hurting agricultural output and industrial growth.

An increase in Diesel Prices Causes a Rise in Production Costs.

Retail prices of the products have been increasing considerably. In urban and rural areas, the government has raised taxes on diesel and petrol by approximately 40% to 60%. The production costs for fuel oil are also rising due to suppliers’ reduced supply due to the increase in transportation charges imposed by the government. It will increase their production costs further.


Due to the rise in demand, global oil prices are going through a consistent increase. The cost of crude petroleum, used as the raw material for producing petrodiesel, has increased from $87 per barrel to $106 per barrel. It has resulted in increased fuel oil production costs, which are passed on to consumers. In addition, transportation costs imposed by the government are also supposed to rise with an additional tax on fuel oil and petrol products.

Increase in Demand for Diesel

The Diesel Price in India is expected to remain high till the global economic situation stabilizes. In addition, the increase in the production cost will lead to a reduction in supply which is also likely to cause an increase in diesel prices. It is adverse for low-income consumers, as they cannot afford to pay such high fees.


The effect of the high diesel prices on the Indian economy is, however, tiny compared to the actions of central banks and governments worldwide to prevent further panic and economic disaster. However, in India, it adversely affects production because of its impact on fuel costs and transportation charges. In addition, the rising Diesel Price in India is also affecting the global demand for consumer goods manufactured using fossil fuels. It is also leading to substitution towards new alternative fuel sources like bituminous or natural gas. To know more about us, visit Our online website.

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