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Ready To Take Off? Top Destinations To Visit By Chartering A Private Jet This Summer

Vacation is the most awaited time of the year, and people prefer to travel to places they have never been to before. Sone, however, has a special attachment to some destinations and adds multiple stops in their trip. Travelling can be stressful whether you go with a family of 7 or as a couple. From deciding a destination, arranging tickets to accommodation and stay, paying attention to every single detail makes your trip memorable.

Private jets can give you the epitome of luxury travel and make the traveling hours exhilarating. Large jets offer no limits for luggage and can accommodate multiple passengers giving you a luxurious experience and quality time with your family. However, hire the best aircraft charter company to make your trip worth a while. The renowned companies offer the best crew and fresh food and ensure all facilities to enjoy the best expedition.

As aforementioned, most people go to places they have never seen before, which can be tricky. Below are some top destinations which you should include in your traveling with a private jet to enhance your experience.

1.       Explora Patagonia, Chile

The place is famous for its state-of-the-art architecture, awe-inspiring views, and luxury. The resort is located deep within the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. This place is for you if you are looking for places with wilderness and in the heart of nature. The resort offers a combination of comfortability and simplicity and rooms with a huge window with a breathtaking park front view. In addition to that, the resort has no TVs or Wi-Fi facilities, meaning more time away from digital gadgets and making the family bond game strong. You can explore the National Park by walking or riding on horseback.

2.       Telluride, Colorado

Do you love skiing? If yes, this place is for you. It has been nominated as the best North American resort for skiing. The place is a town between mountains in a remote corner. The nights at Telluride are cold as the temperature is below freezing point. The luxurious shopping and dining spots and the awe-inspiring views of the place make it worth traveling once in your life, and ski lovers have multiple reasons to visit.

3.       “Island of Smiles,” Australia

Have you ever wondered why Tiwi Island is famous as the “island of smiles”? The Tiwi people are known for their conventional lifestyle, amazing artwork, bright fabrics and textiles, and a passion for football. Tiwi’s colorful and spectacular life can be why it is nicknamed the island of smiles. The best part of their painting and sculpting is that it tells stories. It consists of two islands named Melville and Bathurst. Visit the islands of Tiwi to discover the art and cultural history of the place.

4.       Nimmo Bay, Canada

Located on the northwest shore of British Columbia, the resort is famous among elite travelers. During the peak seasons, travelers have to wait two years for a chance to travel to this awe-inspiring resort amidst waterfall greenery. The wilderness resort is accessible by helicopter only, and advanced booking is a prerequisite to ensure you get in.

5.       Maui, Hawai

Are you a beach lover? If yes, then hop on your private jet and head straight to Hawaii. It offers cozy beaches to relax and feel nature from closer. Maui beaches are specifically famous owing to their rich history and historic sites. Furthermore, you will see soft white sand reaching three miles and the best place to sunbathe, relax, swim, and have fun on the shoreline.

6.       Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hosting luxury resorts, best spas, award-winning restaurants, and worth visiting golf courses, this place is best for honeymooners. Located at the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico, the place offers stunning beaches and sumptuous resorts, with breathtaking views and myriads of urban activities for travelers. Get in touch with a renowned company providing a private jet for charter, bounce in, and land straight to Cabo, Mexico.

7.       U.S. Virgin Islands

Located at the Eastern end of the Greater Antilles, the island territory of the United States is famous for its white beaches and deep-water harbors. If you love beaches, the Virgin Islands with white sand and turquoise water are the best escape to have a perfect vacation with your family and loved ones.

In a nutshell, with a boatload of places to discover, who would want to waste time on commercial flights? Chartering private jets ensure a luxurious and affluent trip to these remote destinations.

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