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Rapid Database Development and Astute Business Intelligence – A Perfect Couple

E-commerce has gradually evolved from being just “another option” for buying to the most preferred mode of buying. It is capturing an increasing market share of shoppers. However, online store owners know well that several factors go into managing an online store. It is much like managing a physical store, i.e., you need to track inventory, process payments, call up suppliers, and more. In e-commerce too online stores need to keep up with sales and track inventory, use a payment processor, build relationships with customers, and more.

Digital Infrastructure

All these require specialized infrastructure to interact with your database. Indeed, the efficiency of your online store depends a lot on the efficiency of structuring and storing data. Data modeling is important since data is everywhere in the eCommerce product lifecycle including product catalogs, user information, orders, payments, etc.

Online Database Development

However, eCommerce stores have to grapple with a deluge of data, both structured and non-structured. This means frequent modifications to the database. However, database development is time-consuming. If you depend on the age-old practices of database development, you would hardly be able to keep up with the change. You can go for rapid BI SQL Generation to garner intelligence about data coming into your system and try to figure out customer preferences. However, to use this feature you need to take the help of third-party tools.

Tools That Model Data Online

Needless to say, data modeling is the most rigorous aspect of database development. This takes up much of the time of database development. However, some tools can help you develop data models online. In reality, these tools can develop Alter scripts from legacy scripts and develop a new data model.

BI SQL Generation

For eCommerce store owners, business intelligence is a must-do thing. You need to analyze the data coming into the system to understand customer behavior. This is essential since you need to develop your store to customer preferences and habits. This means you need to frequently conduct business intelligence operations.

However, analysis of outdated data may not throw up proper results. You need the latest data which indicates that you need to develop new data models depending on new types of data coming into the system. Online database development can help in such a scenario.


Online database development can give you rapid database development. There are online tools that can generate alter scripts from existing scripts. This makes the job of database development fast. You don’t need to write any code to develop Alter scripts. For BI SQL Generation you can take the help of these online tools. They are the ones that can help you develop a database fast and take data analysis forward. Just make sure that you are using the right tool.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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