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In recent years, the choice of electronic cigarette has continued to evolve to allow everyone to start vaping (or to continue) with equipment adapted and personalized to the needs and design desired by their vapers. Gone are the days when the choice was limited to 3 or 4 limited proposals! Now the vape is being perfected and personalized to put all the chances on the side of smokers who wish to quit smoking. 

Despite these developments and this multitude of choices, the method for choosing the ideal Vapes remains the same and is based on several criteria: 

• Battery life:

vaping time

It is expressed in mAh and will determine the vaping time between each recharge. Battery can go from 300mAh for the most discreet and compact models and up to 5000mAh for the most autonomous batteries but also the most bulky. This should be noted that the announced autonomy is dependent on the way in which you vape. Thus, a small vape with low power and short draws will save battery life, while a very cloudy vape with a large wattage and a long draw will consume a lot of energy. 

•The clearomizers:

The clearomizers (or the pod cartridge) is the part that contains the e-liquid tank with a resistance that will heat this e-liquid to transform it into vapor. There are MTL clearomizers which offer a tight draw in small puffs for a calm vape and DL or sub ohm clearomizers which require very large suctions to produce a lot of vapor with a high wattage. An interesting halfway is the versatile clearomizers which can navigate between these two ways of vaping by only changing the resistance.

• Format and design: 

Your electronic cigarette will very often end up in your hand and you will have it under your nose for a good part of the day. So you must like it! And not only halfway! Opt for a color that suits you, minimalist or more original, the design must match your tastes. Its format also comes into play. If you prefer it to be discreet in the hand and slip into the pocket or if, on the contrary, its format must be more visible and compactness does not count, the choice of model will be different. 

• Its level of difficulty: 

Today there are small electronic cigarettes that do not require any manipulation other than clipping a cartridge pre-filled with e-liquid and connecting it to a USB port to recharge it from time to time. Conversely, some models are real small computers with very advanced features, settings and customization options. The grip, the commissioning is clearly not the same, as well as the knowledge to have. In recent years, manufacturers have improved their interfaces to make them more intuitive and easier to handle, but the difficulty levels still exist. Before choosing a model of electronic cigarettes, it will therefore be necessary to ensure that it meets your expectations in terms of ease of use. 

To find out more about the selection criteria before buying an electronic cigarette, you can consult our guide “How to choose your electronic cigarette?” 

You will also find a buying guide for the best Pod vape kits that is very easy to use.  


This question, which is very common among people in the midst of the transition between tobacco and vaping, will find its answer both in the choice of a suitable electronic cigarette but also in that of its e-liquid. The magic wand does not exist. 

To date, there are more than 700,000 French vapers who have made a real transition by quitting smoking completely. The models of e-cigarettes are varied, the e-liquids and their nicotine level too. One reason for this: the electronic cigarette has succeeded in quitting smoking because it is the most personalized solution and therefore the most suitable.

Profiling the smoker by stereotype can help:

• An occasional smokers will need a small discreet electronic cigarette
• Moderate smoker will rather be oriented towards a mid-range model. 
• The inveterate heavy towards a huge and bulky more ultra-autonomous model. 

So what about the occasional smoker who prefers a big cloudy model to hold on in the evening with friends? And the heavy smoker who needs a small discreet model that cannot be seen in the

Pocket? And of all those who do not fit into these predefined profiles?

The only real advice for choosing your e-cigarette is at the level of inhalation: MTL or DL ​​(see our guide to better understand). That is to say, to know if you practice rather a small short but repeated aspiration or a very long very aerial aspiration. And if you’re not quite sure, it’s best to opt for a versatile

For the rest, the design, the format, the level of difficulty, the autonomy remains relevant. 


It therefore remains to choose an e-liquid adapted to your needs: the fluidity, the taste and the nicotine level are decisive for a smooth transition from tobacco to vaping. To find out more, you can consult our guide “How to choose your e-liquid?”.


Through these different rankings, we wanted to present to you the best for a quality vape in 2022. All categories of equipment are presented: complete kits in tube, box, pod formats, as well as the best clearomizers and mods boxes alone at best Vape price in Pakistan at Vapemall.pk

More than just a favorite ranking, each category presents the best models according to different criteria: the best of MTL, the best of DL, the easiest to use or the most high-tech, the most autonomous or the most compact. . Each vape, from the new user to the most advanced, will thus be able to find the model that corresponds to him. 

These rankings are representative of the favorites of the Vapemall team according to the tests and reviews carried out on the site. They will be updated and updated regularly according to the novelties of the catalog. 

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