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Ramanagara Camping do it yourself guide


Ramanagara, a little city simply outside of Bangalore, is quiet and peaceful. The town may be a fashionable selection for journey lovers and nature lovers because of its stunning surroundings and thrilling activities. Ramanagara is an excellent place to flee the city’s monotonous life and revel in a weekend away. Ramanagara offers everything you would like to search for a tenting spot.

There are distinctive spots within the Mango orchards, similar to outside activities that appreciate rock climbing, trekking, and different adventure sports. The noted moving-picture show “Sholay” was shot here amongst the boulders. however does one get there?

you would possibly be curious wherever to camp within the remote Ramanagara area. Do I want a tour guide? What ought to I bring? Don’t worry. This guide can answer all of your queries concerning tenting in Ramanagara.

How to reach:

By bus: 

several buses run daily between Bangalore and Ramanagara. There are 2 options: you’ll be able to either take a Volvo bus or the KSRTC bus that commutes each day. The bus is the most reasonable option, among many others.

Ramanagara habitation is best skilled by private vehicles. it’s alright connected and therefore the directions are straightforward to search out if you employ google maps. you’ll be able to take a scenic road trip on the route.


you’ll be able to take the train from Bangalore or Mysore. You’ll be able to rent a taxi from the station to reach Ramanagara hill’s base.


If you’re coming back from another place, the quickest way to get to Ramanagara is to fly from your hometown to Bangalore  International field that is ninety kilometres from Bangalore.

Things to Keep:

Clothing: Your regular garments and light-weight thermal wear, cap, and towel.

Waterproof backpack, hiking shoes, sleeping bag, and tent for trekking.

Utilities: shades and Sunscreen, Lip balm, Mosquito repellent, and Toiletries

Document: Bring your passport-sized photos and Adhar card/Driver’s licence.

Electronics: Camera, additional batteries and Torch, likewise as an influence bank

All of your medications, including your prescription, paracetamol, and Crocin, are permitted.

Glucose/ORS and energy bars, dry fruits, water bottles, chocolates, and snacks are among the foods available.

wherever to camp:

you can not camp in public areas owing to the restrictions obligatory by the Forest Department. Ramanagara has only 2 places where habitation is allowed.

habitation on personal estate closely-held by camp organisers is the initial choice. One option is X journey Camp. They lend a spot for camping at a flat rate per person. you’ll be able to realise this spot slightly below the hill. Contact the owner to book a habitation place for a bunch of people} or individuals well in advance. The owner will enable you to bring your tent, or rent it.

you’ll be able to conjointly camp within the forest, that is accessible via a farm situated below the hill. you’re aloof from any locals or forest department. you’ll solely see occasional shepherds and their oxen on the fields. If you are returning here with your own vehicle, you cannot bring your vehicle up here. Locals can pass through a shattered fence to get to the location..

Night Trek:

In case you didn’t already know, I want to tell you that you can  enjoy this place not only by daylight but also by moonlight. It is as beautiful and quiet in the morning as it is peaceful at night.

For a night hike, you can go to Ramanagra from Bangalore at 10:30 pm.

Arrived in Ramanagara (Base) at  1:00 AMMeter.

You can start hiking at 4:00 in the morning as it takes 23 hours to reach the summit. You will arrive at the summit at 6:00 AM. Meter. and experience the most beautiful sunrise of your life.

Make sure you arrive on time or you will miss the sunrise.

At 6:30 or 7am you can descend back to camp.

At 8:00 you can arrive and have breakfast. Return to Bangalore at 8:30 am. m.

and at 10:30 am it will arrive in Bangalore and freshen up.

Best Time to Visit:

Winter is the best time of year for the travel industry here and the temperatures are glorious. The temperature varies between 17 and 30 degrees Celsius and there is a lot of greenery in and around the city. This makes the stay and sightseeing particularly exciting.

The price of the trip:

If you have got a good budget, the common cost for the complete trip is 1500 bureau per person. you’ll be able to relish a lot of gratifying expertise by reducing your budget. this may enable you to require half in activities, transportation, and meals. The budget-friendly choice will be wont to enjoy a Ramanagara habitation experience.

Difficulty Level-

The Ramanagara Night Journey Experience, consisting of rugged off-road trails,  will more than ever give you a wonderful role in a daring night journey. Experience night travel in the Western Ghats more than ever.  A moderate trail with a distance of 22 (km round trip) and an elevation of 2,451 feet.

Tips for the trip:

If you’re keen on nature, then arrange your camp for the post-monsoon season to visualise the luxurious verdure close to the campsite.

Campers who travel within the monsoon season ought to remember the climatic conditions and produce a raincoat.

you may have to pass checkpoints whereas ascent uphill. These checkpoints are open between nine AM and five PM.

you’ll pay up to half an hour at the highest if you bring snacks and a tiffin.

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