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Racial Pigmentation

Racial Pigmentation, I provide a safe and gentle way to remove unwanted pigmentation. Unlike other treatments, I do not require multiple laser sessions to achieve an acceptable outcome. Instead, my treatments result in faster results and greater patient satisfaction.

Racial Pigmentation, products are designed to help people achieve their perfect smile. Our selection of teeth whitening products has been carefully chosen to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible.


Several types of nail pigmentation exist and contribute to the overall appearance of the nails. A few examples are:

The gums and facial skin of people of African descent may be darkened due to the rare inherited disorder, albinism. There are many shades of darker pigmentation, ranging from very light to almost black, but all pigmented areas have a common component: the absence of melanin.

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What Should We Know?

Racial pigmentation, ethnic pigmentation, and multifocal pigmentation in the gums and oral mucus membranes are not health threats. However, many people feel that darkly pigmented gums limit the self-confidence afforded by a bright white smile. Ethnic pigmentation may also be a reason why people avoid going to get their routine dental care due to concerns about being judged as not having “good teeth” persons or because of their self-esteem issues.

The gums and oral mucosa are part of the immune system and are exposed to a variety of insults such as injury, poor oral hygiene, poor dental health, and systemic diseases. Healthy individuals do not have highly pigmented gums and white teeth.

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It is important to remember that, as long as you are not suffering from inflamed gums or other serious health problems, your skin may darken due to your body’s natural processes. Over time, these changes can cause you to worry and distress. The most common pigmentation problem occurs when too much melanin has accumulated in the skin. This can sometimes occur due to increased exposure to the sun or years of regular use of skin-darkening cosmetics.






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