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Quality of Handloomed Beach Towels


The towel is an essential item for the beach-goer. It is necessary for your swimsuit and, in some locations, to cover against the sand. Hand-woven beach towels have become increasingly popular due to their environmental benefits. Turkish artisans produce handloomed beach towels exclusively. Their handwoven cotton yarn is extremely soft and comfortable to the skin, and they leave no lint on your face once cleaned. Beach towels are characterized by their multifunctional use and stylish design. It can be a beach towel, bath towel or hand towel. Each handmade beach towel is given special care and washed several times before being delivered in perfectly preserved quality.

What Can You Expect From Artisanal Beach Towels?

  1. Artisanal beach towels are made of 100% pure cotton yarn by a rare and old Turkish weaving technique called ikat. This art form is ingrained in Turkish culture and passed down from generation to generation.
  2. Each woven piece of art is unique and will differ slightly in size, shape, color, or pattern, all adding to the beauty.
  3. The towels are extremely soft to the touch and have a longer lifespan than mass-produced towels.
  4. Hand-woven beach towels are lightweight, fast drying and extremely versatile. Any bag or luggage can be easily folded and fitted into them.
  5. Fair wages enable the artisans to live dignified lives and provide for their families without needing to leave Turkey. By buying these artisanal beach towels, you become an active part of a wider project that aspires to strengthen these women’s value within their society.
  6. You save on costs by not having to purchase an excess of towels for you and your family.
  7. The products are eco-friendly, and the cotton does not require pesticides or artificial chemicals for growth. Their number one ingredient is the sun, so they are naturally sustainable. Hand-woven Beautiful beach towels are non-allergic, and their texture breathes well in warm environments, making them comfortable to use on the beach or when in your home showering or bathing.

Hand-woven beach towels made of cotton and polyester yarns are thick and durable. Turkey has used weaving techniques for several centuries. Generations have passed down this ancient art form. Each towel is unique and will differ slightly in size, shape, color or pattern; all add to the beauty of each towel.

The finished products are lightweight, fast drying and extremely versatile.


Dokulu offers 100% organic Turkish cotton towels. These Artisanal beach towels are different in size, shape and color. They have a very soft texture, are lightweight, and are easy to carry. If you have an allergy, you will not have any problem with these towels as they do not cause any allergic reaction to your skin and hair. We can assure you that these Turkish towels are 100% organic, and the cotton used for weaving is of the best quality. As these towels are hand woven, the color and size resemble each other, making them look very beautiful.

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