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Proven SEO Tactics Used by Top SEO Experts to Improve Site Rankings

Everyone is well-aware of how the giant search engine behaves. Still, some people take things for granted, believing they have found the success formula. Before they enjoy it thoroughly, one algorithm update happens, and all their strategies seem to come crashing down. Hence, it’s necessary to be alert. While algorithm updates are part and parcel of this journey, some proven tactics never go wrong and increase your chance of better rankings while helping your website withstand the adverse impact of Google’s algorithm changes. It’s not that you cannot do much about it. SEO experts possess all the knowledge and skills required to make your site the most productive and attractive. Let’s now focus on some must-have SEO practices in this context.

Different types of media

A comprehensive SEO strategy tends to be an amalgamation of direct and indirect efforts that help boost SERP rankings. If it’s a blog site, you can add videos, GIFs, audio files, and ebooks in addition to images to allow users to engage with them. It makes them spend more time on your site, which indicates a good user experience. One of the credible sources informs that videos form a standard part of content strategies. Nearly 86% of brands rely on this marketing tool for business growth. And if you don’t believe it, you have surveys that suggest 84% of users confirm they watch brands’ videos before engaging with their products or services. The next choice includes audio – about 61% of companies can spend more on online audio advertising.

You can benefit from this practice by integrating videos or audio into your site for a better user experience and time spent per page. These don’t have to be lengthy files – a short video or audio clip that explains the complex concepts can do fine. Now, the question is – how do you get such files? You can create your YouTube channel for marketing purposes and embed the relevant ones in your content. Podcasts can serve the purpose of audio clips. Choose one that matches your topic for incorporation. For statistics and data, you can depend on custom graphics.

Create content covering the hot industry insights suitable for your niche

People trust stats to be authentic. Hence, the searches have been increasing for content pieces that target them for their industry. When you follow this, your backlinks get a natural boost. The experts inform posts that use current year and numbers get loads of clicks. Think of a title like 50 Latest Fashion Trend Statistics [2022]. You can use the same post for interlinking purposes.

Get rid of zombie pages

When you contact SEO Singapore Services,they will tell you that pages that don’t get traffic to your site can trouble your ranking and traffic. Hence, it’s better to remove them. Some examples show how an eCommerce company attracted 31% more traffic and 28% additional revenue by pruning those pages. Why does this work? Google doesn’t favour low-quality and shallow content. It prefers a more detailed and comprehensive page than those smaller ones.

Emphasize brand

Google trusts brand signals more to reduce or eliminate misinformation from searches. It is a critical ranking aspect. When you establish your brand successfully, you also start earning traffic from non-branded terms. Those who built their brands experienced massive traffic jumps. If you ask about the benefit of this specific activity, experts say that representing your brand consistently on different platforms can result in a nearly 23% increase in revenue. Customers also become loyal to your brand and value it more. 89% of users can remain faithful to your company if you share your brand values. How do you achieve this?

You have to understand where your target audience is. Look for social media platforms they use the most to customize your strategy. Search for partners that complement your brand because this alliance benefits both parties. And while promoting your company, communicate your brand’s personality, values, and story. The narrative shouldn’t be just about things you sell. The customers should be able to connect with it emotionally and intellectually.

Make your backlinks diversified

A rich backlink profile features links from different websites. One credible study shows that 66.31% of over one billion pages didn’t have any referring domains, and 26.29% of others had just 1-3 of them. Only about 0.1% of sites had over 100 referring domains. When you focus on building backlinks, you must ensure that each anchor text content used for this purpose differs. The best way to enrich your backlink profile is by looking for directories for link exchange. Search for sites that go with your brand. If you wonder how to spot those sites and directories, you can use a backlink report to figure out what your competitors do. You can reach out to those sites for links.

However, make sure you don’t indulge in practices like paid links, blog comments, and link directories, as these can harm your brand’s reputation in the long run.

Select the best image file

As hinted, images are a crucial element for a better user experience. You try to find the best images for your specific page. However, you don’t realize that it also requires optimization to yield results. If you didn’t know, images significantly boost your site traffic and SEO. So, first, let’s talk about optimizing these media files for speed for obvious reasons. The standard file formats include PNG., JPEG, and WebP – most sites use the first two options that follow unique compression strategies. JPEG is the most preferred option. However, while it’s good for photos, PNG can be suitable for images that contain drawings and text. If it’s a large image, you can use free tools to resize them to reduce the load time. And yes, don’t forget to add alt texts to them.

It’s an ocean of things that you can do. But not every strategy can be rewarding. Even the most coveted practices may need specific tweaking to suit your brand’s requirements. Since it’s a tall task for anyone, relying on an SEO expert can be a much more convenient and result-friendly approach.

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