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Protect Your Car Against Theft with These Security Tips!

Car owners in NSW must take significant measures to protect their vehicles from prying eyes. The impact of losing your vehicle to car theft or having it damaged in attempted theft incidents can range from something as monotonous as finding alternative transport to reach work, home, shopping places, etc., to recovering/replacing your vehicle in case of damage or loss.

Being deprived of your vehicle while it is repaired or replaced can be agonizing and financially taxing. It is precisely why people advise having car insurance NSW. To financially protect your car from damage, look for third party fire and theft or comprehensive car insurance covers on the internet. With today’s car insurance online services, you can quickly request and compare quotes before signing up for a plan with an insurer.

Have an appropriate insurance plan as a backup. At the same time, try these hacks to secure your car and potentially avoid crippling car situations.

How can you guard your vehicle against theft?

First, if you have been parking in the driveway lately – conceivably a risky place, you may need to change your car’s parking spot to your garage. Also, if you have been parking your vehicle in the garage, ensure the garage door is shielded with tough locks making it difficult for intruders trying to break in and ransack the place.

Consider having any of the below-mentioned tech installed to beef up the security.

  • Smart security cams with alarm features can give you instant notifications when a security breach occurs.
  • Another option can be fixing motion sensors. These pieces of tech can be highly sensitive to activity around where they have been installed. When any person lurks around your vehicle, they immediately alert your security system.
  • Get anti-theft devices like alarms or tire locks fitted in your vehicle. An alarm lets out sirens when an incompatible transponder key is used to start the car. Remember that tire locks cannot protect your vehicle directly from theft, but they can make moving your vehicle one hell of a task for the thieves.
  • Another simple trick you can implement is putting up a sign saying the complete area is under surveillance to discourage the burglars from looking to execute their hostile plans.
  • Have dash cams inside your vehicle. These devices are activated when there is a car vibration or motion. They also record the footage 24*7 and allow you to playback the files at a later time.
  • Steering wheel locks can disable the thieves from hurrying away with your vehicle. It is a straightforward solution to defend your car.
  • A GPS tracker lets you track your vehicle’s movements in real-time. It is simple, brilliant vehicle management and anti-theft technology.

Also, car owners in NSW need to practice storing their vehicle keys in a place that isn’t easily accessible to thieves. For instance, you can keep them in a safe drawer in a cupboard. Ensure all car doors/windows are closed and locked before retiring.

Even with a multitude of precautions taken, some unfortunate incidents can happen, which is why having additional car insurance in NSW is essential. Check vehicle insurance plans across different insurers covering theft events.

Read through the PDS to know about inclusive benefits like hiring a car after theft, towing and storage, coverage for personal belongings, etc. Double-check the fine print to understand the conditions covered before purchasing car insurance online.

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