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Property Maps


The property map of any real estate is covered with google map, topography and satellite image from google. By uniting all such base map layers feature with real estate assets map you may find, classify and examine locations of your plot, streets and amenities within the premises of housing society and nearby areas i.e. Blue World City. You can also envisage how area will grow in future and how would it look after the completion. So it will support you to make choices intelligently & effortlessly. It will also provide help in circumnavigating to find addresses, amenities, once the housing society is completed. These maps are completely mobile compatible and enhanced.

Addition of Seerab Maps Web App Icon or shortcut to handset main screen within the App of mobile


1. Visit official site of Seerab Maps i.e. www.seerab.com/maps or https://premium.seerab.com/  that arrives in Google Chrome and tap the option of modify & control Google chrome button with three dots on upper right hand of the side angle.

2.Click the option of Add to Home Screen

3.Now Tap another option of Add Tap Add (You have retitled option as per your  wish)

4.Authorize New Icon Option would then be visible on Home Screen or in Apps


1. Just like in Android, Open the site of Seerab Maps www.seerab.com/maps in Safari app and tap the option of action Key.

2.Tap the option Add to Home Screen Key afterwards.

3.Now click on Add

4.In the end, the option of Confirm New Icon may appear on in Apps or Home Screen.

Search Seerab Maps

Base Maps 

On the highest left angle, Tab provide choices to change between base maps of choice Google Map, Google Satellite image (with zone name tags or without tags) & Topography. The Map base map covered with real estate property map offer info nearby roads, road system, parks and amenities in the area. You can liken and examine current and upcoming substructure of the zone which help you to recognize the zone and make your verdict i.e. New City Paradise. The Satellite base map offer you with a bird’s-eye sight of the area by means of satellite image. This is valuable for finding open land, built up part, roads and show new current whole image of the zone. The imageries from google satellite update of city areas along with some pictures of the city zones might be only few months old. The Topography base map turn on geographical overlap to show variations in advancement. Dimmer parts with lines that are near together signify vertical slopes. Another alternative would be using it in combination with the map of real estate property to classify depressions with short & huge locations.

Transparency Slider

The Slider option of the top right corner would deliver options to make map lustrous & invulnerable as per the requirement. Then, Drag the Slider option from right to left for increasing the transparency. Transparency Slider is helpful providing aptitude to view fundamental Google Satellite image and Terrain along with Google Maps.

Full Screen mode

Right below the transparency slider on the top right angle, there is a separate Dashed Square tab that reveals the map in full screen style and offer excessive part to view for circumnavigation on map. 


After the Black Circle is selected on bottom right corner above Zoom In & Out, it would display the blue circle around the location with size resultant from exactness of the date about location available. It might keep you situated once you move, in case don’t drag the map. When selected first time it requests for consent to access device location data.

Zoom In, Home & Zoom Out

Another Tab  would display “+” and “” symbols on the bottom right hand. Such symbols would denote the view of map. On pc mouse roll is often used to zoom in and out. Home will display the full degree of map.

Scale Bar

Scale Bar runs a simple map gauge in meters on bottom right corner. It gives the notion about distance on ground rendering to present level of zoom.

Compare Master Plan

On the top left corner under base maps, Compare offers swipe tool to liken present and earlier master plans side by side.


Data sharing is very significant so share toolbar is obtainable below each map that can be shared with your customers, family & friends. Such venture would support all real estate shareholders to not only get the entire image of area and real estate projects but also support any common man by saving his time probing for appropriate locations for house construction, or investing in real estate. Estate Land Marketing has several lists of properties with location map, which you can see through their website.

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