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Professional Carpet Cleaners: The Types of Cleaning Solutions They Use

Carpet cleaners are used to rid carpets of dirt, stains, and other unsightly things. There are many different types of carpet cleaners, so picking the right one can be confusing and overwhelming at times. Knowing which type of carpet cleaner works best can make it easier to choose the right product from the start, saving you time and money in the long run. While you might think you know everything there is to know about professional carpet cleaning San Bruno CA , this guide will help you learn more about the different types of cleaning solutions available to do just that.

Truck-mounted hot water extraction

Professional carpet cleaners who use truck-mounted hot water extraction systems typically use a variety of solutions to clean different types of carpets. Truck-mounted hot water extraction is the most popular type because it provides a thorough, deep cleaning that can remove even the toughest stains and allergens. It also has a larger capacity than portable machines. Portable machines are more affordable but they don’t provide as much power or produce as much heat as truck-mounted units, so they may not be able to effectively clean heavily soiled carpets or some types of fabrics.

Portable hot water extraction

There are a variety of carpet cleaning techniques and products used by professional cleaners. One popular technique is portable hot water extraction (PWX). PWX uses heated water to extract the dirt from carpets, which is then vacuumed up. This type of carpet cleaning is often used for office buildings or other commercial settings where the area needs to be dried quickly or where there are no barriers to keep people from tracking in dirt. Powx can sometimes require more than one visit depending on how dirty the carpet is. Powx equipment usually consists of a large truck-mounted system that has a tank for heating water and an air blower that vacuums up dirty water. A hose attaches to the backside of the cleaner so it can reach any part of the floor that needs cleaning.

Dry cleaning

The most common method for professional carpet cleaning is dry cleaning, which involves a process called extraction. This process begins by soaking the carpet with a deep clean solution to loosen the dirt and grime. Next, suction equipment is used to suck up the liquid and dirt from the carpet. Finally, an air-blower device is used to remove any remaining moisture. Though this type of carpet cleaner is considered one of the best in terms of preserving carpets’ appearance, it also has its drawbacks; for example, since dry cleaners use water as their primary cleaning agent, it can’t be used on some types of stains. Wetting agents: Wetting agents are solutions that are applied to heavily soiled areas before extracting them. These solutions help break down grease and oil stains so they can be properly cleaned away from the carpet’s surface.


It’s important for any professional carpet cleaner to use this technique because it’s often one of the first steps in any deep cleaning process. It will also help remove substances like wax or oil residue that may have built up on the carpet fibers over time. You can ask your professional carpet cleaner what type of shampoo they typically use, but be warned that some chemical types are stronger than others and may need a higher level of ventilation during application. The two most common types of shampoos used by professionals are called detergent-based and water-based. Detergent-based shampoos contain a surfactant which is designed to break down oily soils and grime on the surface.

Foam cleaning

Foam carpet cleaners are typically used by professional carpet cleaners because they are a gentler way to clean carpets. These types of cleaning solutions are also very easy to use, which is why they have become popular in the industry. Simply spray on foam and then scrub with a soft brush or mop for best results. Once you’re finished cleaning, it’s just as easy to rinse away dirt and soap from your carpet. Many manufacturers even make disposable applicators so that all you need is water!

Eco-friendly detergents: One type of solution that some people are opting for instead of chemical-based cleaners is eco-friendly detergent. These types of detergents contain less harsh chemicals than traditional ones, which can leave residue behind on your floor if not rinsed properly.

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