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Product photography vs. 3D rendering: How to Choose

Product customization

It’s in our nature as humans to want things to be just right. We like having choices because they make us feel strong. At the end of the day, who doesn’t like being in charge? You should use 3D rendering if you’re a seller who wants to show as many options and configurations as possible.

If you sold furniture, for example, how much time and money would you need to set up a photoshoot for pieces with different fabrics and textures? With 3D renderings, you can do almost anything. Since renders are made before a project is finished, you can customise and change features. This isn’t possible with photos.

Visitors Engagement

People in today’s society are always looking for things that will make them happy right away. People get bored easily, so you need to give them interesting things to do to keep their attention. 3D rendering is the best way to get people interested.

With interactive 3D, you can turn people who are just watching into people who are taking part. In turn, they’ll stay on your site longer, and your sales will go up. As a customer, I want to know exactly what I’m buying, so you should let me see your product from every angle. This will make me want to click the “Add to Cart” button.


If you’ve ever planned a campaign photo shoot, you know how hard and time-consuming it is to get good photos. You probably had to deal with equipment, transportation, location restrictions, and expensive decorations.

Traditional photography wouldn’t be the best choice in this situation unless you were taking pictures of one product in a small area. If you want to show a variety of products in different places, amazon 3d product rendering is better.


If you want to take pictures of a product in different ways, you have to make or buy the parts and store them in a warehouse. With 3D visuals, you can show different versions of a product even if you don’t have any of them in stock. So, you can show off more products than you might be able to if you had all of them in stock.

Any Amazon seller knows that drop shipping can reduce the amount of products they have to buy, giving them more freedom. If you want to do this, you should do it in 3D.

Describe The Product In Detail

Professional rendering is a better way to show off a product than a picture. You’ll agree that a 3D model can be used in any way you want. Rendering lets you show off your products in the best possible way and with the best quality.

We can zoom in as much as we need to highlight certain features for the user. With regular product photography, this would be hard, if not impossible, to do.

Cost And How Well We Use Time

The turnaround time mostly depends on how many different products you want to see. If you only need pictures of one product, traditional photography might take less time than 3D because it’s harder to make a 3D model of the product.

Once you have the archetype, you can do almost anything. Rendering is the best way to see many options or products for the same kind of product. The same is true for cost-effectiveness. It’s true that making a 3D archetype can cost more than taking pictures.

But once you have the archetype, you can use amazon 3d product rendering to make an unlimited number of configurations (fabrics, colors, and textures) without spending a lot of money, and then plan a lot of photoshoots for each one. No matter if you choose 3D visuals or product photography, you can’t use low-quality images. They’ll hurt you more than help you, so make sure you choose the best visualization company or studio that can give you images that go above and beyond the standard.

Show off the different styles or colors.

Amazon has strict rules about how product pictures should be made. One of the requirements is that the main image should only show the product and be on a white background. Remember that the main image should be the one that gets the most attention. It will determine whether your site visitors will choose you or your competitor.

If your product comes in different colors or sizes, it would be nearly impossible to take photos from the same angle and get the right exposure for all of them. How long do you think it would take to edit and stage after the film is made? And, these costs add up quickly.


With 3D, it’s easy to show things that are hard to capture in a picture. For example, if you’re selling products that keep you from getting hurt in dangerous situations, rendering is a safer, more thorough, and cheaper way to show off those features than crashing a car.

Changes To Assets And Images

You can’t change the lighting, details, or layout of a photoshoot once it’s over. You’ll try to set up a new photoshoot instead. Changes are easy to make when you can see things in 3D. You can make changes at any time and get the best images. This lets you let people make changes after the project is done.

The visuals can be used again with only minor changes. So, if you want to build a library of images you can use in different ways, traditional photography won’t help you much. In a world with a lot of content, being able to reuse content with only minor changes could make a big difference.

Show Images Of Products In Their Environment

Rendering is a great way to show off your products whether they are for the outside or the inside of a building. You have to put the product in its natural environment so that customers can feel the atmosphere it makes.

Your potential customers will be impressed by a 3D-rendered image’s high level of detail, skillfully chosen lighting, and different ways to place the product in its exterior or interior setting. Rendering might seem like a new way to show off products online, but it has been used for years in many different industries.

You may not even know that the pictures of products you see online every day are 3D renderings. They often look so good that we think they are just photos, but they are actually 3D models.

Bottom Line

So, which is better for amazon 3d product rendering sellers: photos of their products or 3D models of their products? This is mostly determined by what each business needs. Depending on your goals, both have pros and cons.

But we hope this article has helped you understand the pros and cons of both 3D rendering and product photography. Our team at AMZ One Step would be happy to help you figure out what would work best for your products or business if you’re still not sure. With our 3D rendering experience,

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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