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Prison for ties to gun trafficking

Attorney General Brown joined a group of 18

Attorneys General and submitted an amicus brief in support of the ability of states to pass laws that safeguard the public from unsafe practices in the guns business. The coalition makes the case in the brief that states—in this case, New York, where the challenged law was passed—have the power to safeguard citizens and the general public. A number of gun industry participants sued New York, claiming that the statute violates the constitution and is preempted by federal law.

The action was dismissed by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, a federal law that restricts civil remedies against members of the gun industry for harms solely caused by the misconduct of people who use firearms, was found not to preempt the law, according to the lower court’s decision, which was upheld by the coalition of Attorneys General. gun trader

The court also determined that the statute

Did not violate either the U.S. Constitution’s Due Process or Dormant Commerce Clauses.Wynder was one of 14 people accused of participating in the gun trafficking ring in February 2021. In the five-county region, according to the prosecution, the network allegedly used straw purchase schemes to obtain and resell a total of 44 firearms unlawfully, giving them to individuals who are not authorized by law to purchase firearms for themselves.

Prosecutors identified Davies Smith, 23, of the 800 block of Smith Street in Norristown as one of the organization’s “masterminds,” and he was given a 20–40 year jail sentence. This sentence was added to the 4- to 8-year prison term Smith was already serving for other robbery-related offences stemming from his use of a pistol in an armed robbery in Pottstown in September 2018.

According to a criminal complaint submitted by county

Detective Jeffrey Koch, Montgomery Township Detective Todd Walter, and state police Trooper Brian Kendra, “One illegal purchasing spree perpetrated by members of this group generated nine firearms in eight days.” This criminal group’s goal was to obtain and distribute numerous guns to others through illicit means.

Attorneys general are essential in defending locals from unethical business activities, according to Raoul. “My office has held the tobacco, drug, and payday lending companies accountable by using its consumer protection authority. To better protect Illinois people, our enforcement efforts have had a substantial impact on industry conduct. I submitted this brief in support of New York’s statute because the firearms industry is not free from that same accountability. gun trader

The Attorney General’s office supports victims care providers in Illinois who provide trauma-informed assistance for crime victims and their families, in addition to aiding law enforcement. A variety of services and initiatives are managed by Raoul’s Crime Victims Services Division to help victims of violent crimes. The website of the Attorney General has more details.

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