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Print On Demand Platform: Great Way To Customize Your Favorite Items

The printing industry has evolved, and a new trend of print on demand platforms is gaining popularity. Print on demand companies is selling many customized products on popular demand. These products are trendy among millennials as they find them quite innovative compared to traditional printing. Whether you are an artist, designer, or entrepreneur, these print-on-demand platforms are an excellent way to monetize your creativity. 

Print-on-demand categories of products include posters, backpacks, coffee mugs and tables, phone cases, and whatnot. It is a great way to save money and resources on mass printing as products are customized per requirement. If you are searching for a print-on-demand platform, then Printify is an excellent option. They are known for their massive range of products, with a mockup facility and excellent printing qualities. You can redeem their Printify Coupon Code and get your favorite printed items at a reasonable price.

If you are in a dilemma about the print-on-demand business and need more clarification, here is the list of sites. These popular sites are known for designing, selling, and shipping custom products. Some of the most popular sites are mentioned in detail in the subsequent article:

1. Printify

Printify is a popular veteran print-on-demand platform offering a wide range of customized designer apparel, accessories, and homeware. The platform encompasses all the print-on-demand platforms that allow personalization with design ownership.  

They have a wide interconnected network of print providers in over 90 locations. Printify offers a very large collection of products with the best price margins. They take care of the product’s creation and delivery to the customer. Printify is affordable, flexible, and beneficial for artists and designers.

Printify provides perfect integration and syncing with online stores and marketplaces. They offer unlimited design options. Furthermore, it permits you to start free of cost, providing services to up to five online stores per account.

2. Apliiq Dropship

Apliiq Dropship is a prominent print-on-demand platform present in downtown LA. The online platform offers a great partnership with individuals who want to start their clothing line. Additionally, they also sell a mixed bag of online and offline retailers. The products catalog of 

Apliiq consists of premium joggers, pocket tees, snapback hats, denim jackets, and hoodies with print on the interior lining. As per one’s liking, they also offer sustainable clothing.

The online print-on-demand platforms offer to ship to 150 countries across the world. Apliiq is famous for its digital print, screenprint, embroidery, and appliqué.

3. Teelaunch

Teelaunch is yet another resourceful print-on-demand platform offering premium quality mockups. Their mockup services include professional looking product images that are used in the marketing materials. The inventory collection includes monogram handbags, balloons, dog bowls, jewelry, iPhone cases, journals, etc.

Teelaunch has a loyal customer base because of its exceptional customer service and product personalization tool. High quality professional product mockups are also their highlights.


CustomCat comes with more than 550 product collections comprising jackets, hats, shirts, and bags. They are relatively cheaper in contrast with other print-on-demand platforms. Their varied printing options include sublimation, 3D dye diffusion, and embroidery printing. 

The CustomCat service takes care of printing, packaging, and shipping of the orders on their part. This allows you to earn profit every time a customer buys an item.

At present, CustomCat supports WooCommerce and Shopify. They offer an excellent opportunity for those looking for an all-around partner and fast fulfillment options. The services are available at an affordable price.

5. Zazzle

Zazzle sets itself apart from the crowd with its outstanding customization options. It is by far the most popular print on demand platform. Designers are permitted to upload their designs and select the products to be printed. Afterward, they can post them for sale; Zazzles deals with manufacturing, printing, and shipping. They offer free sign up with three other choices of the maker, designer, or associate for creating a storefront.

Makers can manufacture their products and put them on sale; in this case, Zazzle is not accountable for its manufacturing and shipping. Affiliates can earn commissions on every product, even if the product is not there. The site has more than 30 million visitors due to its vast collection of more than 1300+ products. They offer an assortment of tutorials and tips to improve product quality. Zazzle has a dedicated support team, helpful promotional tools, and a useful report tracker.

6. Lulu Xpress

Lulu Xpress is the best place for educators, writers, photographers, and creatives who want to earn from their talents. The print on demand platform allows you to convert digital content into items like novels, photo books, cookbooks, journals, and many more. Other prominent items include art books, workbooks, calendars, comic books, and other print products. Lulu’s digital printing has over 3,000 format options, including choosing paper type, print quality, size, and color, to its binding type and finishing. The shipping of Lulu Xpress reaches 150 countries with no hidden fees. Their wide distribution range helps in reaching more and more people like Amazon.

7. JetPrint: Print On Demand

JetPrint product categories include unique products, mainly watches with exclusive styles, straps, and colors. Genuine leather strap watches, magnetic steel strap watches, steel strap watches, perpetual calendar watches. Furthermore, they also offer t-shirts, wall tapestries, hard phone cases, etc.

It permits customization of the design of your watches and produces quality mockups. Setting a time frame allows you to make changes or corrections when required.

8. Threadless

The working of the threadless is different from the other print on demand platforms. Each design is scrutinized by its community before being available to the consumer. After the approval, you can create stickers, phone cases, blankets, bags, shoes, notebooks, and much more. They offer worldwide shipping with responsive customer service at a reasonable price option.

Wrapping Up With Print On Demand Platform

Print is a popular platform that offers custom designed merchandise with the help of various printing techniques. The various printing options include 3D dye diffusion, sublimation, and embroidery printing. In this article, we have included eight print on demand platforms explained in detail. Digital prints can transform into items such as coffee mugs, shirts, phone covers, etc. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and add a personal touch to your belongings. Gifting these print on demand items to your loved ones is a lovely gesture to show your love.

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