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Looking for 13 Pre-Eminent Hybrid event platforms in 2022? Your Quest is over!

Events that blend a physical experience with a virtual experience are known as hybrid events. An expo that also provides online broadcasting and virtual involvement is an example of a hybrid event. Do you also looking for 13 Pre-Eminent Hybrid event platforms in 2022? With hybrid events, all in-person participants can take part in the event live while an unlimited number of virtual guests can watch and listen online. Hybrid events are growing in popularity, and in today’s climate of social distance, the virtual component of the hybrid event is becoming more significant. The best hybrid event platforms are listed below.


All of your hybrid event requirements are met with SpotMe. Branded experiences can be created for web and mobile apps, as well as live and on-demand content. This promotes the development of top-notch events. You may integrate it into CRM and registration platforms via its marketplace and Zapier. You really do have all the resources necessary to design a seamless hybrid event experience. The hybrid event software from SpotMe features agenda customization, video breakout sessions, and webcasting. You may make a completely branded app using a step-by-step guide. You can even use virtual booths to host sponsor information. It gives the impression of being a single event when taken as a whole. SpotMe offers templates as well. Popular WordPress themes are similar to templates. They include text, page layouts, navigation, and sample designs. You quickly have your hybrid platform up and running with your event app and virtual online experiences.


Attendees can access both live programming and on-demand information through this hybrid event platform. It has tools for attendance registration and is simple for event organisers to use. The ability to create templates out of common events is possibly Aventri’s most useful feature. You won’t have to worry about starting from zero while creating your hybrid event. Event analytics and Q&A are additional features. But keep in mind that Aventri costs more for features beyond the fundamentals. Before your event begins, make sure you understand the price of our hybrid event software.


Tools for hybrid events are offered by Multitv. For visitors, it provides a convenient one-stop shop. The user interface seems to be up-to-date and easy to use. Branding characteristics support this. Multi tv is a good option if you’re searching for a quick and straightforward event management software. It works well for live events. CRM are all included in the hybrid event platform known as MultiTv. You can select from a choice of templates and display options in their website construction tool. Multi Tv also has plugins for photo galleries, contribution forms, surveys, and other features.

Additionally, you can use their CRM to compile data after your event and organise attendees before it. You can personalise your site based on what it needs to achieve thanks to the platform’s overall availability of over 10 different features.MultiTv is a complete event management solution that provides event planners with a platform to manage their events from beginning to end. It offers strong capabilities, including real-time reporting, tracking, and analytics, as well as collaborative planning. Any business that hosts conferences or plants live events would benefit greatly from having the ability to gather information on attendance because it can support both event planning and event marketing. One of Multi Tv’s most well-liked features in terms of social media integration is its straightforward Facebook widget, which enables event planners to see who from their friends list is attending a specific event.


Hopin, which can accommodate events for between 50 and 50,000 attendees, is unquestionably among the top 15 hybrid event platforms. It has a number of interactive spaces where visitors can enter and exit rooms to replicate the experience of a conventional event. With random video chats that begin automatically and are timed by the event organisers, its networking area gives visitors a pleasant opportunity to meet other visitors. However, you might want to look elsewhere if you’re searching for a dependable and responsive support crew to assist you with problems during your presentation. It’s been said that their support is a little slow. Nevertheless, Hopin is a well-known brand and a solid overall choice in the hybrid event platform market.


BigMarker is a hybrid/virtual event platform that can accommodate gatherings of up to 10,000 people. Your visitors won’t need to download an app because BigMarker is browser-based. This might make the going easy. With BigMarker’s 15+ virtual modules—basically distinct, editable web pages enabling you to create your welcome page, ticketing system, main stage, expo booth, and other virtual meeting spaces—designing your hybrid event is simple and enjoyable. To design the perfect event, event hosts are urged to combine and match various modules. BigMarker is still frequently used as a webinar tool, so even while it makes a good enough hybrid conference platform, it still has some limitations when compared to other hybrid event platforms.

Info Link-https://sourceforge.net/software/hybrid-event/


Glisser is a hybrid event software that centres on engaging and interacting with the audience. With Glisser’s hybrid event tool, attendees may take digital notes, access slide decks, and watch on-demand video in addition to having an incredibly engaging experience whether they are in-person or online. Experienced professionals in the event sector created this hybrid event platform. You get the tools you need to organise events of any magnitude from it.


The hybrid conference platform VFairs uses incredibly lifelike 3D virtual settings to give viewers the impression that they are actually there. This is one of the greatest hybrid event systems for creating a conventional in-person experience remotely with visually appealing animations and interactions. Due to its complexity, managing the backend of this hybrid event platform can be difficult for event planners. Additionally, not everyone can afford the price. However, this is a fantastic option if you have experience in the event tech sector and are prepared to put more money into creating an amazing experience.


Hubilo is a hybrid event platform that aids you in reaching corporate objectives in addition to providing interactive experiences for attendees. Hybrid event tools weren’t always available from Hubilo. In actuality, its primary emphasis prior to the pandemic was on in-person gatherings. However, it is now a player to keep an eye on in the market. Although the custom branding capability might be improved, the hybrid event software’s frontend and backend are simple for event planners to use, and its UI is attractive.


The fact that Webex Events (formerly Socio) includes both a hybrid event platform and a live event app is a benefit. It started out as a webinar tool but has now developed into a hybrid conference management platform that enables event planners to handle a variety of events. Despite occasionally having privacy and personal information issues, its gamification makes it engaging for event attendees.


Video collections, videos, and other types of media can be stored, published, and streamed using the cloud-based video management system Kaltura. Although the system connects with Canvas, if you intend to utilise Kaltura outside of Canvas, you’ll interact directly with Kaltura MediaSpace, a web-based video management tool. Kaltura allows instructors to upload media and record their webcam or screen. Kaltura is a tool that teachers can use to help and improve their traditional, hybrid, and entirely online classes. If you intend to use Kaltura outside of Canvas, you’ll interact directly with Kaltura MediaSpace, a web-based video management tool.


Dreamcast specialises in revolutionising virtual experiences by providing practical & immersive features that let you easily host interesting as well as personalised in-person events, virtual events, hybrid events, webinars, live streaming services, and webcasting that best suit your requirements. Dreamcast suite of clever digital solutions can help you organise, set up, and carry out extremely productive on-ground events while enhancing the experience at your in-person events. Dreamcast make it possible for you to interact with others and hold discussions while exchanging audio, papers, or PowerPoint presentations. You may do this from anywhere in the world.



The exceptional real-world ticketing mechanism on Eventcube’s hybrid event platform is well-known. It provides tools for real-time virtual interaction and a variety of ways for attendees to connect with event content, like surveys and Q&A sessions. Even thorough data reporting is possible with the hybrid event software, which can be used to assess your events.


With the best event registration and management, Cvent is famous for its hybrid conference platform. It is more expensive than some other hybrid event tools on our list and has fewer customization options. The robust registration, data collection, and report sharing features, however, make it a perfect choice for hybrid events.

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