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Pray For Peace of Jerusalem With Israel Ministries Media

As we pray for peace in the land and with its people, we will also celebrate the site of the Temple Mount. The Lord has helped us in this endeavor, and we should continue to be thankful for His provision as we move forward. Now is a time for peace, not conflict. It is a time to stop the violence, seek restoration, and live in harmony with one another. We are grateful that our God is still on the throne, even when it seems as if all hope is lost. Israel Ministries believes that this is a time to pray. Let us unite in intercession and prayer for rebuilding the third temple on Mount Moriah. Only you can call out to the Lord or make His presence known in Jerusalem.

We at Israel Media Ministries are a Christian news agency that seeks to provide accurate reporting on daily events in Israel.

What is The Motive of Israel Ministries?

  1. Israel Ministries is a nonprofit organization. We exist only to give Christians or Bible-believing people information about Israel that helps them draw closer to their God and build their faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. It is non-political with no intention of promoting any particular political party, group or ideology. We condemn religious extremism in all forms, whether it be violence or false prophets promoting hate and devious agendas. We teach the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, transcending all hatred, prejudice and bigotry.
  3. The motivation of Israel Ministries is not to promote Israeli propaganda. The Israeli government does not have a monopoly on the truth about Israel and its people. We believe in freedom of speech, and some have accused us of not accepting a two-state solution. Still, we encourage all parties to work towards peace and seek reconciliation through dialogue, which is the most reasonable way.
  4. The motivation of Israel Ministries is to help believers get information about what is happening in Israel, the Middle East and throughout the world from a rational and informed perspective. We are not politically correct because the Bible is not politically correct either. It brings out the good and bad things in people, whether Christians or Jews. We do this because it is better to be informed than uninformed and because ghknowledge of our enemy is power over him.
  5. The motivation of Israel Ministries is to provide resources for advancing the kingdom of God. We want to see believers grow in their walk with Jesus. We want to see an increase in the number of churches and the number of missionaries sent from Jerusalem, which was once known as “The City of David”.

Why Spreading The Gospel is Important?

1. The Bible says that our deeds are being weighed on the scales, so we must do everything we can to get them under the wings of God by Spreading The Gospel message.

2. Because there is a crowd in every place, it is essential to spread the news everywhere. But not just because of the crowd but because of our desire to show people about Christ Emmanuel. All He has done for us, and all He can do for us with His love, is His very nature.

3. The more we spread the Gospel message, the more we will gain peace and satisfaction.

4. The more people know about Christ, the more they are blessed by Him.

5. God blesses those who are spreading His message.

6. When we share about Jesus with others, it brings joy and peace to our lives and those with whom we have shared. And we will be protected from all evil and harm that would have come upon us.

7. When people get to know about Jesus, they will recognize His heart of love for them, and they will have eternal peace.


Israel Media Ministries is a nonprofit organization.

The Mission of Israel Ministries provides information that gives you a balanced and rational perspective of what is happening in Israel, the Middle East, and the world. We provide commentary that helps you understand what’s happening around Israel as it relates to prophecy and the Bible. The issues we report on are neither politically correct nor politically driven. To know more about us, visit our website.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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