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Poster Printing and Poster Printing

Poster Printing: At Imprintalia we carry out poster printing and poster printing in different types of materials and finishes. We print according to your needs, with no minimum order, from 1 single copy and no size limits.

This type of advertising material has a great visual impact and improves the return on investment in your company’s marketing campaigns.

At Imprintalia we print all kinds of posters:

advertising posters, commercial posters, business posters, real estate posters, commercial posters, local posters, and construction posters, for rent or for sale posters, liquidation posters, and sale posters. Prices etc.

Types of Poster and Banner Printing Materials:

Glossy Paper 200 grs.:

Ideal for printing posters, billboards, and short and long-term promotions. High resistance to the sun, rigidity, and easy handling. High-quality finishes and visual impact.

Inexpensive posters to put on the inside of windows, interiors of shops, supermarkets, billboards, and urban furniture, offers at points of sale, etc.

Glossy photo paper 230 grs .:

 For high photographic quality prints, interior decoration and exhibitions, vivid colors, and high definition of details. For making paintings and assemblies in all types of frames.

Canvas or Canvas 400 grs:

100% cotton composite material, gives an elegant and realistic touch to printed images, suitable for printing paintings, and photographs.

Exhibitions, interior decoration, personalized gifts, etc.

240-micron polypropylene:

The composite material of 240-micron matte white Polyester and Polypropylene. It is opaque and unbreakable, resistant to water and sunlight, and has very good rigidity. Great definition and high-quality Printing Near Me. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Finishes and Assemblies on Rigid Supports

Making a good finish will give your posters that special touch that will make your designs a real success.

Laminated or laminated 1 side:

Protects from UV radiation and delays the discoloration of posters. Available in gloss or matte finishes.

It is non-slip and suitable for use in shopping malls and high-traffic places, and all include insurance against possible accidents.

Encapsulated or laminated on 2 sides:

 It consists of plasticizing the 2 sides of the poster with a thickness of 125 on each side (DNI type), which gives the poster great rigidity.

Protects from UV radiation and delays the discoloration of posters. Available in gloss or matte finishes.

Foam assembly (foam cardboard):

Composite material inside of expanded polystyrene (foamed plastic) covered on the outside by white cardboard. Its main advantages are that they provide great rigidity with a very lightweight. Its main applications would be to make stage backs, photocells, signage, paintings, and decoration. It is a material suitable only for the interior.

Mounting in foamed PVC (fore):

Mounting on photoluminescent plates:

 PVC plates 1 mm thick approx. with one of its photoluminescent faces, available in categories A or B, depending on its application according to current regulations.

Indicated for location plans, evacuation, emergency signage, beaconing, fire protection, etc.

Aluminum profiles or frames:

 Aluminum frames made to measure (STANDARD profile nº 12). Available in a wide variety of colors, they serve to protect the graphics, facilitate their placement, and are easy to assemble. Ideal for making pictures and posters on rigid supports (foam, fore, etc.) up to 1 cm thick.

The finishing and assembly equipment we have allows us to offer our clients a totally comprehensive service.

We try to gather in our wide range of solutions all those materials that can be translated into alternatives of interest for visual communication or corporate identification of our clients.

Custom poster printing

In our sign printing work, we work with the best materials. In interior works, we carry out works from a single copy with no size limit.

They are ideal for vehicle wraps, the printing of banners and canvas for buildings, outdoor events, billboards, and banners… the printing is carried out in solvent inks on top quality materials: PVC Canvas, Backlit, Mesh Canvas, Vinyl Adhesive, and standard, Translucent and Opaque Vinyl, Ultramouldable and Micro-perforated.

We combine the use of a whole range of products of interest with our precision and attention to detail, achieving results that are up to the standards of the most demanding clients.

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