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Possible Solutions When Your Car Gets Stuck In The Mud 


When your car gets stuck in the mud, it is not a pleasant moment at all. Rains and bad weather can transform roads, fields, and temporary parks into swamps. In case you are driving on them, you may end up quite literally stuck in the mud. Getting out of your stuck car in the mud is an art, science, and all about your car’s ability to gain traction. It is something very normal and happens to everyone once in a life, in case it ever happens to you get in touch with towing company Winnipeg. Apart from this, we will share a few easy solutions on how to get your vehicle out of the mud. 

  1. Get Out Of The Car And Get Yourself Dirty

When your car gets stuck in the mud, the first thing you should do is to come out of the car and determine how deeply your wheels are embedded in the mud. In case you have passengers in your vehicle, ask them to come out too. It will reduce the amount of weight and stop your vehicle from sinking deeper into the mud. After this get one hour try to scoop the mud from the area directly in front of your tires. In such a situation, if you find a shovel, even more, it is better to dig. This way you can make the mud rut less steep to get your car out.

  1. Avoid Spinning Your Wheels

When this doesn’t work, you might be thinking to press your foot down hard on the accelerator, but this will bring nothing except make the matter worse. The spinning of your wheels will not help you in any case; rather it will force your rapidly spinning wheels to lose traction and slide even deeper into the mud.

  1. Try To Get Traction 

It is possible that your wheels and axles are stuck too deep into the mud. If you have a jack, use it to lift the tires a bit up. So, that you can place a foot mat or a piece of board under the front and rear wheels. In case you don’t have these items, check for a blanket in the back of your car, you can also use your jacket or find a stick or a piece of wood in your surroundings. You should look for something to create traction so your car can pull forward over the muddy puddle. You might find it strange but this is how you can get your vehicle out of the mud. Now get back in the car, slowly and gradually accelerate. This will help you to unstuck your car.

  1. Reduce Tire Pressure 

If tip no 3 didn’t work, try the same trick again but with a different approach. This time release a little air from your tires first. After this, dig out the area around the tires and place a floor mat. Again get back into your car and gently push the accelerator until you get traction and are able to move your vehicle forward.

  1. Use A Tow Strap

If all the above tips fail to unstuck your vehicle. Then you should call a tow strap that will save your day. If you don’t know how to pull a car with a strap, you should because it is an excellent skill to learn. In case your vehicle is stuck in the mud you can get your car out through this skill. It will be helpful in saving both your time and money. It is not difficult to learn how to pull a car with a tow strap as long as you have a tow strap. For this, you also need a second driver who is willing to pull you out. The tow straps consist of long strands of strong nylon with hooks hardly intact to each end. They are of small size and weight even with the weight so, it is considered a part of a vehicle’s emergency tool kit. For this method you need to attach the hook to the rear of the towing vehicle, you can attach it to the mount on the rear bumper or to a trailer hitch. In the next step attach the other end of the strap to your car’s hook. Check everything to ensure everything is attached in the right manner. The towing driver should take baby steps to check the two straps are fully tightened. Now you are ready to move. This is the process to unstuck your stuck vehicle from the mud. Once your vehicle is out of the mud, drive cautiously and give your tires a chance to get rid of the excessive mud. After this, you can take your car to get it clean, and inspect its brakes. 

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