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PHP Web Developers: Why Laravel’s the Best Choice?

With the competition prevailing, the one thing entrepreneurs can’t afford is to waste time. The thumb rule of entrepreneurship is that competitors are always working more than us. That’s why companies must have an infrastructure to keep up with speed.

Especially for companies with websites, web development should be time-saving and easy to maintain, and the deployed frameworks should also meet requirements. That’s where entrepreneurs need a Laravel development company

Laravel is one of the PHP web developers, and it has taken web development services by storm. It is the most server-side language developers, and coders are experiencing. The number of Laravel websites has increased to 1,14,640+, and it’s still going up. 

It saves developers from complex coding and provides PHP with easy to maintain web development framework. It develops incredible websites with expressive and simple syntax.

But what is Laravel? Who invented it in the first place? And Why is it the best choice?

What is Laravel, and Who invented it?

Taylor Otwell was the one who invented Laravel in June 2011. Since then, Laravel has gained great significance among developers.

Now, let’s have a look at what Laravel is exactly.

Simply put, Laravel is an open-source and free PHP-based web framework. The model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern makes it super easy to maintain and function compared to other frameworks. Laravel also has pre-built frameworks for developers to make coding easier and more powerful.

Since its launch, it has published eight updates and often comes up with security updates. These updates ensure to make the web building process easier.


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Here’s why Laravel’s the Best Choice

Let’s understand why Laravel is the best choice among PHP Web Developers.

1. Pre-Installed Template Engine

Laravel has a pre-installed lightweight and powerful template engine — a simple but very powerful engine than other PHP templating engines. With the help of these templates, developers can make extraordinary layouts with intensive content seeding. 

Laravel adds zero overhead to any web app without restricting developers from using plain PHP code. Moreover, it offers solid widgets with JS & CSS coding and features like displaying data and template inheritance, providing more flexibility to the web development process.

2. Built-in Authentication & Authorization System

Laravel has made taking care of user authentication super easy as it has everything configured and built-in in the framework. Developers find a structured way to outline the authorization logic while working with Laravel.

It means that you can:

  • Take control of the secure resources’ access
  • Deny unauthorized and fake requests
  • Handle all requested access claims

3. MVC Architecture

MVC stands for Model, View, and Controller — a design pattern to separate view (UI), model (data handling), and controller process (UX interface).  Trygve Reenskaug was the first person to envision it at the Xerox Parc during the 1970s.

He said, “the essential purpose of MVC is to bridge the gap between the human user’s mental model and digital model that exists in the computer.” Laravel’s MVC-based PHP framework ensures a tight detachment between presentation layers and business logic.

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4. Elevated Website Performance

Unlike other frameworks, Laravel boosts your website’s speed by supporting caching. It further enhances the site’s performance through speed optimization techniques, such as database indexing and memory use reduction.

Laravel is a great choice for any business, especially if your revenue depends on the website.

5. Simplified Email Integration System

Laravel has the ‘SwiftMailer’ library, the most powerful mail integration library. Developers can use it to simplify API mail configuration for individual accounts. In addition to the built-in library, Laravel also supports sending notifications and emails across multiple channels.

With the help of Laravel’s integration system, you can:

  • Easily integrate mail notification systems
  • Send notifications and emails via Slack & SMS
  • Inform users about performing every activity

6. Easy Automation Testing

Automation testing checks the performance ratio of any website, and it shows how well a site performs without any errors, bugs, and instances of crashes. Laravel has built-in testing features and supports PHP Unit testing, phpunit.xml.

Developers can use it and seamlessly test fundamental user behavior and examine the output without wasting time. It will help developers test quickly without gaps and accurately calculate performance ratios by handling multiple scenarios.

Effective Management Configuration and Task Scheduling

Laravel helps developers in handling communication schedules to interact with end-users more efficiently. It has installed a ‘Command Scheduler’, allowing developers to pre-define a command schedule and execute it at a specific time.

It helps business owners with the process and task management through automated maintenance, communication, and development of schedules, along with automated handling of redundant tasks such as periodic emailing to subscribers or automatic data cleanup. With a single CRON entry, it simplifies time management. 

Secure Framework

Any website or app needs a highly secure framework. Laravel has preinstalled features and functionalities that make websites secure and well-equipped for future vulnerabilities. Laravel’s ORM uses PDO to handle SQL injection cases to ensure nothing passes the system firewall and enters it.

It also eliminates the chances of scripting and cross-site forgery through privilege handling and syntax. It quickly develops the website and scales them without worrying about security.

Seamless Database Migration

Another benefit of the Laravel framework is the migration of databases. It allows the developers to undo changes without ruining the whole database structure. Developers can also use a migration to share the database with other developers — it was quite impossible earlier. It makes the developer’s life easier and saves a lot of time.

Final Thoughts

As Taylor Otwell, Laravel’s creator, says, “Laravel is the strongest contender in the PHP ecosystem simply because it includes the features needed to build modern web applications.” He certainly is right, as the Laravel PHP framework is the figurehead in the recent global tech stack.  

It provides valuable benefits with its strong community support. Developing the website with Laravel includes creative logic, bug fixing, and handling strategies. In addition, Laravel is scalable and helps business owners make cost-effective and timely software delivery, meeting all your business timelines. 

Now is the right time to immediately opt for Laravel development services and take your business site to the next most professional level.

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