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PhD program in Germany


Getting a PhD in Germany for Any international students can seem complicated, but it really isn’t.

According to the latest enrollment data, German universities are home to around 3,80,000 international students with PhD candidates sharing around 10% of the total ratio. We being one of the best study abroad consultant in Dubai have done proper research to get this information. 

What makes Germany such an attractive study destination for international PhD students?

Germany is the most popular study destinations in the world and their universities enjoy a firm and undeniable global reputation. It ranks second most popular study destination in the world. They’re known for its top-class education standards. Leading academic staff. State of the art facilities. Modern way of education approaches. A great emphasis on the practice. A wide variety of courses and excellent job prospects.

All these features make Germany a perfect choice for any international students, especially for PhD students who need a well-suited environment to get a fulfilling experience both professionally and personally.

If you’re an international student who wants to get your PhD degree in Germany all we have to do is to greet your decision and help you go get through the application process. YES Germany is the best study abroad consultant in Dubai and we are here to help you with all your queries.

In order to help you with any of the queries. Given below is a complete set of information about PhD in Germany for any international students.


PhD degrees in Germany are generally open to all international students. Moreover, your eligibility for the course depends entirely on your previous academic background. German universities are globally recognized and they only admit the best students. To achieve that your qualifications must fulfill the optimum standards as required. If your academic qualifications are recognized in Germany then you’re eligible to apply for a PhD program. 

How to find a PhD degree

Finding a PhD degree in Germany is a comparatively more difficult than finding an undergraduate or a master’s degree. That’s mainly because PhD degrees in Germany are not only offered by public or private universities but also from licensed companies engaged in the industrial sector.

Lucky for you, navigating the above-mentioned information is easy with the right management. 

Important Information

In order for you to choose the right choice, it is important you know there are two different type of PhD program in Germany.

Individual PhD Degrees

In an individual PhD course, you will carry out a research project under the professional provision of a personal tutor. Although your tutor will be informed about your progress. This study program allows you to work a lot by yourself on your dissertation thesis. Note that individual PhD program in Germany are offered by. Accredited universities and licensed companies engaged in the industrial sector.

To find such a degree program, you will have to do a little research to see if there are universities in Germany offering PhD degrees in your field of interest. In addition to that, you can use Universities as a primary source of information to find available PhD degrees offered by industrial companies.

Structured PhD Degrees

In Structured PhD program. A small group of PhD students are involved in a joint PhD project with a specific top. The team is then supervised by a group of experts in that particular field whose job is to mentor. Advise and assess the progress PhD students have made at each stage. These programs in Germany are instructed in English and last three to five years of full-time studies. To know more about Structured PhD program, you can consult YES Germany as it is one of the best overseas education consultants in Dubai. 


PhD entry requirements for any international students in Germany change variously due to multiple factors, including here your previous education, your nationality, the university and the course of your interest.

Any international student must submit the following documents to apply for a PhD degree in Germany:

Master Degree that is recognized in Germany

Proof of Language Proficiency

Curriculum Vitae

Letter of Recommendation from well-known institution

Required Job Experience

Note that your qualifications attained in your country must initially be accepted at the university or the institution you want to enroll. If your master degree does not qualify you for PhD studies in Germany. Then there is still a chance you will be admitted. You can consult YES Germany for any help you need as it is one of the best study abroad consultant in Dubai. You will have to learn skills that are important for a PhD program in Germany 

Also, note that there are chances that universities in Germany may admit international undergraduate students who are able to show top quality in a related field.

Here are some important things that you need to know about PhD program in Germany. Study in Germany will add on to your resume. YES Germany is one of the best study abroad consultants in dubai which will help you choose the best course for PhD program. It’s is also known as best overseas education consultants in Dubai.

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