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Perfect Hiking Jackets for Women

Looking for the perfect hiking jacket that is packable, waterproof, warm yet lightweight can be easily overwhelming.

I’m sure you’ve wondered exactly how much insulation do you need? Is it lightweight enough while still being warm enough… Exactly how “water-repellent” is DWR? Why do all these jackets make me look like a square shape….

These are all probably things you’ve considered when looking for the best women’s hiking jacket.

I’m here to tell you though, there is not going to be a one size fits all category, but there is some pretty amazing options out there that I’m here to help you decide amongst.

What Kind of Jacket is Best for Hiking

The ideal jacket should offer a good balance between protection from the elements without being too bulky or difficult to pack away when needed.

I’d first determine what is the main type of weather you will be hiking in when you need a jacket:

  • If you’re near the PNW, you are definitely going to want a rain jacket that is waterproof, not just a water-resistant and a mid-weight hiking jacket womens.
  • Hiking in a dry climate like California or the Rockies, then a down jacket may be the better option since these are going to be warmer and most DWR water-resistant treatments will keep moisture out. You’ll also want more insulation, 60g+ synthetic or 650+ down-fill, to keep you warm at a higher elevation.
  • Hiking on the east coast you can go either way, depending on how much rain and moisture your area gets.

Women’s Hiking Jackets

There are three different types of hiking jackets you should consider: rain jackets, insulated jackets (synthetic or down-filled), and fleece jackets. I would strongly consider having at least a rain jacket and an insulated hiking jacket.

A rain jacket is ideal for hiking during the Spring and Summer rain storms and an insulated hiking jacket is best for chilly mornings or hikes from fall to spring when you need the extra warmth.

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