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Perfect action camera flashlight for filming scenes at night

Best Action Camera Flashlight for Low-Light Video Footage

Action Camera Flashlight are digital cameras that are very durable and are designed to film action sequences in the movies. Some of them are waterproof means you will be fully immersed in the experience you are having through its lens.

Action cameras don’t have night vision or much exposure, so in that case, we use an action camera flashlight to film the sequence in low light. You just have to mount the camera flashlight and you are good to go. Action cameras have a tiny sensor and that sensor is not designed to work in darkness. So that is why an action camera flashlight is required as an additional source of light.

Action camera flashlights

Action camera flashlights give life to the scenes you capture in the dark. Having multiple brightness options available to you with several different light modes, flashlights prove to be the only equipment that can do the job effectively in complete darkness. It brings life to the dark moments of a movie.

If you are someone like myself who has a hard time filming the action sequence in the dark then you are in good hands. In this article, I have mentioned 4 of the best action camera flashlights for low-light video footage. Let’s dive in:

1. Suptig Adjustable Color Temperature LED Video Light

This is the perfect action camera flashlight for filming scenes at night. It has an adjustable color temperature feature, using this you can set the color temperature to either white, natural, or warm. It is good for night shots but not recommended to use underwater as it is not waterproof.

You can also use it for photography if you are looking for a perfect shot.

With all these amazing features it also has a built-in large-capacity lithium battery that allows it to stay up for an hour to 2 hours depending upon the amount of power being used. When the brightness is at max it will serve you up to an hour and when the brightness is at its minimum then it can go up to two hours. It has a great grip and is very convenient in ways that you can carry and store it wherever you like.

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2. ULAZI LED Video Light for Action Cameras

ULAZI LED video light has many LED lights that can help you perform the task at best. Half of the LED light has a warm color exposure and the other half have cool light exposure. It has the longest battery life from 150 minutes to 480 minutes, giving you all the time in 4 hours to finish your job. It has the highest quality lithium battery that can not be found in other LED flashlights. Hence this LED video light for the DSLR camera is what you need to record the video in complete darkness.

At a 120-degree angle, you can cover a greater distance of 6 meters when the brightness is at its max. When we talk about compatibility issues then it is quite compatible with most flashlights and other compact or mirrorless cameras. Being waterproof is another amazing feature of it as not all action camera flashlights are waterproof. As we know that it gets darker and darker when the surface level is reached in the ocean, and that is where its waterproof feature is useful. You can film deep ocean scenes with ease.

It is the most powerful professional photography light as well that comes with 4 different brightness levels. It has a built-in magnet by which you can attach it to any metal surface and easily film the sequence.

3. GoPro Light Mod

It has 4 levels of brightness and comes with 5 different light modes for the best nighttime experience. Select any desired mode and a custom brightness level to film an action sequence. It is waterproof to 33 feet so that you have no problem filming the dive sequences or underwater scenes. The battery life is totally dependent on the amount of light being used. It is compatible with GoPro Hero8 Black, and Hero 9 Black.

If you are someone who is into adventures and likes to fill action-adventure scenes then this action camera flashlight is the perfect choice for you. GoPro light mod delivers the best possible experience in low light. It will capture the footage in Ultra quality with every tiny detail packed in an image or a video. For max brightness up to 30 seconds, it has an overdrive mode.

4. Suptig High Power Waterproof Action Camera Light

If you are looking for a camera flashlight to film the most complex underwater scenes then this high-power waterproof action camera light should be on your wishlist list. You can take this flashlight as deep as 145 feet below the ground which means a 45-meter distance can be traveled underwater. It has 60 degrees light angle with 36 LEDs attached to it. It is small in size and lightweight as well, making it safe to store and pack.

Suptig has three modes of light that include normal, flashy, and power-saving and different color temperature settings from natural to neutral. When its brightness is at its peak it can last up to one and a half hours but at mid-range settings, it can go up to 4 hours. But no need to worry as its battery is totally removable so that you can use any type of battery so that it can stay up for more than an hour.

If there is not much darkness in a scene and also not enough light then you can switch to a power-saving mode which will last up to 6 hours. A power-saving mode will give you all the creative freedom you need to film the sequence you truly desire. Simply mount the light and do what you do best.

5. LitraTorch 2.0

Have the best experience in your studio with this room’s illuminating gadget at hand. It is an award-winning light that is also recognized by the national technology and camera shows like the annual consumer electronic show.

This action camera flashlight is the brightest with a wider angle to offer. It is powerful and comes with a range of different benefits. It has multiple mounting options available so that you could easily mount it however you like with a built-in magnet in place.

Its battery life is 4 hours if you have its settings set to low. When we talk about its color temperature then it is fixed to only one option which is 5700. It is also waterproof and comes with a magnet built-in for a better filming experience. And it can be used underwater as deep as 60 feet.

6. SmallRig RM01 LED Video Light Kit 3469

It has a beautiful design with 3 lights inside. You can magnetically mount any accessory with it. It comes with four levels of brightness settings so that you can feel the freedom to film the desired sequence. Its battery life is pretty good as at the maximum amount of brightness it can last up to 1 hour. If you are a professional photographer and a videographer then I would recommend you to buy this action camera flashlight right away.

It provides an ultimate filming experience with 5 hours of battery life at low light settings. You can adjust bright brightness from a minimum of 25% to 100%. Whether you are vlogging, cycling, or wants to take a clear shot of an object or product for marketing then this flashlight is for you.

7. VIJIM VL120 Video Light

VIJIM VL120 is another action camera flashlight for low-light that is one of the best. It has a silicone cover which makes the light soft which in return helps protect your eyes. You can use it for selfies, vlogging, weddings, and any type of photography experience.

It has diverse shooting effects and provides you with six different LED camera light colors including pink, red, purple, green, blue, and yellow. It can easily be mounted and has a built-in battery that can last up to 150 minutes at maximum settings. You have the option to choose from a warm light filter to a cool light filter.

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Final Thoughts

We talked about why an action camera flashlight is recommended for a better experience when filming in the dark. It enhances the overall lighting quality because the light is scattered everywhere instead of having one straight beam of light. We have mentioned seven types of action camera flashlights for you in this article that can get the job done right.

These camera flashlights are the best, many of them are also waterproof. You can film an underwater scene or a dive sequence in full freedom. Each one of these action camera lights is rechargeable and great at what they can offer you, so make the best choice.

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