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Pencil Packaging Boxes are a great way to Skyrocket your sales.

Custom Pencil Boxes are the perfect packaging solution for packing, securing, branding, and displaying pencils in stationery stores. We always use such finest and strength materials that hold the pencils in place and secure them from any kind of harm. Once good material is used, then it does not matter, the stock is shipped to far fudge places. Whatever design elements, shapes, styles, materials, embellishments, or additions you would like to custom pencil boxes, our comprehensive full-color printing, innovative stamping, and superior manufacturing services will assist you every step of the way, and you can enhance your creativity by adding a die-cut window to your box to show off your colorful and funky pens. We have different types of window accessories.
  • A two-piece style box for strikingly opening your premium-colored pencils
  • A tuck-in style for convenient access to wrapped pencils
  • A sleeve style for stylishly spreading out your pencils
  • A hanging tab for hanging and accessing your pencils on a worktop with hooks.
No matter what style you need, just let us know your specifications. We use innovative die-cutting services and cutting-edge approaches to die-cut custom pencil boxes in the exact style you specify.

Good work on saving space by way of pencil box packaging:

Here you will gain the opportunity of saving space on the bulk order quantity of custom pencil boxes. We offer shipment at very low costs. If you want to give us an order in bulk quantity then, we have the easiest way for you. We make it easy through flat shipping of custom pencil box packaging. Therefore, they do not use much space for bulk order and saves you from other shipping cost.

Grab the customer’s attention through printing boxes:

Writing instruments such as pencils are available in a variety of colors and specifications and are used by adults and children as well. The children often purchase the pencil box for their visual appearance. All the manufacturers want to sell more pencils. To attract pencil consumers, we design an ideal and superbly printed pencil packaging box. With their funky looks, these boxes represent a truly distinctive look for pencils. These looks also encourage both children and adults to purchase them. The color and uniqueness of the pencil, make it easier to buy. If you want a creative and stunning custom pen box that showcases your pens and looks appealing to both kids and adults, let us handle all your printing needs.
  • We can print your pencil box precisely for your pencil display needs. Print cartoon characters, game hero images, movie characters, charming catchphrases, and fetching techniques on the box. This makes the kids snatch pens from hundreds of other pens to grab their attention.
  • Whether you want to keep it simple with a single-color print or get it artistic with an astonishing artwork print. We have a bundle of customization and printing outclass techniques.
  • We also add additional features like embossing, debossing, spot UV, etc just according to your need.
  • After all that add finishes to your pencil packaging box. Whether you want glossy, matte, or aqueous coating just tell us and see your result.
If your design needs amendment, take advantage of our free expert design assistance to make sure your box is exactly what you want.

Get the benefits of eco-friendly kraft boxes:

In this era of digital and social media, there has been public awareness among people about the bad dangers of plastic packaging. All the manufacturers want to have extended life for their pencils. For that, we use kraft material as an alternative to customize eco-friendly manufacturing for retailers. Our customize kraft are 100% tear-resistant, recyclable and biodegradable materials, reducing waste in our homeland. In addition, kraft are nature friendly and sustainable. We have always prioritized sustainable and strengthened packaging boxes for pencils and will continue to do so.

Why choose ICustomBoxes?

Because we look after our client ease and satisfaction a lot. We have the following benevolences for our clients that’s why they always choose us to give their packaging orders again and again.
  • Designed custom pencil boxes at affordable rates
  • No delivery or secret charges
  • Out-class service
  • Offer unlimited customization options
  • Brand awareness
  • Use of premium packaging material
  • Fastest turnaround time
  • Free shipment across USA and Canada
  • Free 3D mockup test for client satisfaction
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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