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Payroll Software Services in India: Solve the Biggest Problems?

India’s startup and business community have been growing on a large scale. Growing companies come with many responsibilities and duties for entrepreneurs towards their employees. In the long term, rigidity in accounting can lead to a loss of productivity and poor business results.

To ensure smooth sailing, employees must be paid on time.

Because of their low employee count, startup and SMEs still use manual payroll. It takes a lot of work to calculate payroll manually in large organizations. Payroll Software services in India are a great solution that can help you.

Payroll is no longer a simple task. With the digitization and accounting complexities, it now must be calculated considering all taxes and deductions. Recent research has revealed that the human resources department spends 25% of its time recording data, auditing processes, or preparing tax reports. Consider the advantages outsourcing these manual chores would bring to your firm.

For your business’ productivity, it is crucial to have a smooth payroll process. Payroll has a lot of functions, but you need to pick the best provider of payroll software for your business.

Outsourcing your payroll will allow you to focus on core business activities as an employer.

Cloud-based payroll solutions make accounting easy!

Payroll activity is an integral part of everyday life for employees. Payroll activity plays an essential role in any company. Many common problems can arise from it.

What are the most common problems with payroll? And how can you fix them?

Payroll problems and their solutions:

Let’s talk about some of the problems associated with it.

1. Misclassification of Employees

You may need to correct things when defining employees. You should ensure that you have employees and independent contractors in your company before they start working. They are treated differently when it comes time to pay their payroll.

Your organization could face fines or other issues if employees aren’t correctly classified.

2. Time cards cannot be checked

Employees sometimes need to correct their timecards when trying to meet payroll deadlines. The mistakes in timesheets can lead to employees not getting paid or being overpaid.

One case results in an organization losing money, while the other causes employees to lose faith in the company. This makes managing human resources difficult. It is, therefore, essential for HR to develop better employee relationships.

3. Management of absence 

Employee attendance is one of the payroll’s most significant pain points.

It is essential to keep track of employees’ attendance for each month. This will allow you to give the payroll specialist an updated sheet.

Please update attendance records to ensure the entire process is completed on time.

4. Late Payments

Payroll delays that result in employees not being paid on time are a no-no! Payroll delays that cause employees to delay their salary payments are a no-no!

You can outsource your payroll processes to cloud-based software companies if you have difficulties in-house.

5. Regulation changes

The laws and regulations that govern the operation of an organization are constantly changing. It can be challenging to keep track of all these regulations.

Here is where merchants step in. They will monitor the regulations, follow all statutory compliances, and manage the employee tax obligations.

6. Calculation Errors

It is essential to ensure that payments are completed on time at the end of each year.

In these cases, you can do a self-audit or an internal audit to ensure that you aren’t making any mistakes.

7. Compliance with tax

Companies Act 2013, as well as other regulatory compliances, makes tax filing mandatory. This is a significant issue for payroll.

These are the top six features that payroll software providers should offer your business in 2022.

Here is the solution you need!!

1. HMRC functionality

When choosing a payroll software provider, the most important thing to consider is whether or not they use HMRC-compliant payroll software. It is essential to ensure that you comply with all current legislation. Automated features can streamline businesses’ tasks, such as automatically generating FPSs and submitting RTI forms. This will allow your company to save time and reduce the work involved in managing payroll.

2. Integration with Accounting Software

It can be tedious to enter figures from your payroll software into accounting software manually. Incorrect data entry or duplicate entries can cause errors that take time to correct. A payroll program that integrates with your accounting software will simplify this process. The software transfers data directly from your payroll journals into your general ledger in your accounting package. This will reduce the time spent on payroll each pay period.

3. You can distribute payments right from the software

Payroll and payroll used to be completely separate tasks. Paying employees can be a time-consuming process. This is because it involves creating bank files, verifying all payment information, and making sure that payments land in the employees’ accounts on schedule. Payroll software providers that integrate with direct payment platforms can allow you to pay employees directly from the payroll software.

This is evident when you use an integrated payment platform that uses Faster Payments. You can pay your employees within 90 seconds of opening the payroll software. This integration allows you to schedule payments ahead of time, giving you more flexibility. You can make last-minute changes to payments before they are distributed to give you more peace of mind.

4. Auto-enrollment and pension integration

Auto-enrolment has made retirement savings easier for employees. However, payroll has become more complicated for employers. This can make it very time-consuming for busy employers to assess employees’ eligibility and enroll them in a pension plan or send out enrolment letters.

These tasks can be automated with the right payroll software. Employers are encouraged to use software that will help them comply with their auto-enrolment obligations by the Pensions Regulator. We recommend you choose a payroll provider that integrates with the leading pension scheme providers to make this even more accessible.

5. Create payroll reports

Many businesses find that producing payroll reports is an essential tool. It can also be used to forecast financial performance. Payroll software that generates reports with various metrics can be a crucial tool for analyzing your company’s finances. It doesn’t matter if you need reports for multiple pay periods, departments, or amounts paid to HMRC. Instead of spending hours creating Excel reports from scratch, choose a payroll program that can do this.

6. Access for multiple users

Payroll software should be able to handle multiple users simultaneously, regardless of whether they are working in the same office or working remotely. This is in keeping with hybrid working models that are becoming more popular. It ensures that payroll processors can access the software from any location, no matter the time.

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