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A Must-Have Parental Control App that Ensures Your Kid’s Safety

I as a mother of two teens, always remain concerned about the online protection of my children. Kids are kids and they will use the things that are in trend and their mates are using. Stopping them completely from online things can be a big deal and it can also turn into rebellious behavior between parent and kid. So, it’s good to use some alternative rather than directly forbidding and keeping them away from the technology. Just keep your eyes open always.

The market has launched so many apps and it’s difficult to find one that is reliable for you and your child. After doing research and frustrating events occurring, again and again, I got my gem and that is the TheOneSpy parental control app for android. I got the best way to protect my kids from unwanted channels on the internet, porn videos, unnecessary games that cause mental instability, and also the agents who sell drugs online. It also gave me a “lens shift” to see my kids in a different way regarding their hobbies and interests and provided me the opportunity to deal with them even better. I mean it is better to watch them online rather than asking for their phones and letting them feel that ‘We are the only villains in your life. Let’s discuss the amazing features of this app in detail.

Limit Screen Time

Kids in the USA use screen time for 6 hours in a day when they are 8 years old and this time increases up to 9 hours when they hit puberty. Due to this, they suffer many problems regarding their mental growth and development. Parents go to their offices and kids watch the stuff of their own choice that is resulting in more violent and angry behavior among the kids. But not anymore, because this app serves very well and covers all the above-mentioned times. With the help of it, you can set screen time on your kid’s android device which shouldn’t exceed.

Create Web Filters

All the material on the internet is not authentic. It can be fake, self-made with no reality, fantasy, or dark. So, there must be a strict check on their online activities. This android spy app provides web filters that only allow selective material and block the age-inappropriate material when your kids are searching. It is the most comforting thing for the parents that they are aware of all the things their kids are using online and they are in a safe zone.

Track Your Kid’s Location

Your kid is at a certain age where he doesn’t bother to tell you what are his plans and where is he going. Don’t worry it’s a phase and it will pass eventually. But to keep your adorbs protected in this phase, the TheOneSpy parental control app for android is here to help. You can now track their location wherever they are. If they have lied to you about anything then you can know their secrets. So, from now if they are studying in a library or chilling outside with some stranger, you will be notified. What else do you want for your kid’s safety? It covers all the issues parents are facing today.

Monitor Your Kid 24/7

You cannot physically stick to your kids and protect them from every incoming danger. You have got a lot of other things to do like office, bills, grocery. This amazing app ensures the online safety of your child 24/7. It makes sure that your kid is driving in the safe zone, not talking to a person that can cause any damage, not watching porn stuff, and not sharing their private things with the stranger. So, now back off, relax yourself, and watch your kid grow positively.

Save Your Kid from Bullying

Cyberbullying is the main thing holding our kids back and not letting them flourish. Due to it, kids have suffered immense damage to their self-esteem and mental health. it includes the crime that happens every day on the internet. save your kids from it through this outstanding app.

The TheOneSpy parental control app for android is a must-have app to ensure your kid’s online safety.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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