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Overview: Experity EMR vs Valant EHR!

Experity EMR, a cloud-based EMR/PM, practice management, and clinical billing solution, is designed for on-demand healthcare vendors of all sizes, and specialties, including occupational medicine, pediatrics, and primary care. Experity’s EMR/PM can be scalable and compatible with desktop and mobile devices. It also offers complete clinical procedure and charting services, from patient registration through discharge. Multiple users can simultaneously access patient charts with the same-time documentation.

The platform offers a feature called “same time documentation”, which allows multiple users to view client charts simultaneously. The Experity EMR and PM’s features include real-time insurance verification, auto-populated information templates, one-click discharge arrangements, as well as built-in payer guidelines. The EMR interface guides users through the documentation in a logical way and seamlessly integrates with practice management software (PM). This interface makes it easier to document urgent care processes, as users can record encounters in any order that they choose.

About Valant EHR:

Valant’s integrated EHR/practice management software is unique. After becoming frustrated by the shortcomings of EHR software designed for primary care and other medical fields, a psychiatrist created Valant EHR. It is designed to meet the needs of behavioral health professionals and practices. Valant simplifies measurement-based care with its large library of metrics and rating scales, as well as smart automation that allows data to be transferred across multiple workflows. Customers don’t need to worry about billing or document layouts for other specialties because Valant EHR is purely focused on behavioral health.

Top Experity EHR Features:

Integrated RCM Solutions:

EHR systems that have billing and RCM capabilities can be great for you. Or it could be disastrous. You’ll have everything you need under one roof and within one operating structure. However, you will still be responsible for the RCM duties if the system doesn’t meet your expectations. Experity will offer the best EMR for small clinics because they believe practitioners shouldn’t have to worry about other matters in order to deliver excellent service. It offers outstanding integrated billing solutions that will help you streamline your financial department.

Schedule an appointment:

You can schedule appointments for all providers and procedure rooms with multi-location, multi-provider scheduling capabilities. You can search for existing consultations and send reminders by email to patients. Patients can accept, cancel, or reschedule appointments.

Electronic Prescriptions

You can create prescription orders and share them electronically with pharmacies. Check for drug interactions automatically and send clients to refill reminders as necessary.

Cost of Experity EHR:

Software is also available at a subscription-based price. For the most current pricing information, you can contact the vendor. To learn more about Experity EMR pricing plans, you can schedule an Experity EMR demonstration!

Valant EHR Features:

Patient Portal:

Valant’s integrated portal for clients is a powerful tool that allows you to provide the best customer experience possible while saving you time at the office. Patients must feel valued and treated as partners in order to take ownership of their improved outcomes. Valant’s integrated portal for patients increases engagement and client satisfaction. This can help your patients take better and more consistent care of themselves.

There is very little time to spare for administrative tasks, billing, and customer service calls. Valant’s patient portal automates many of the repetitive and tedious tasks that suppliers and clients find time-consuming. Once it’s up and running, the Valant EHR Patient portal will reduce clinic call volume by as much as 50%. This will free up valuable time for your admin staff.

Patient Communication Management:

It can take hours to get patients to call you each week, so it is worth taking the time to phone them one at a time. Thanks to some new features, your practice can now send automated messages. Your team can now focus on more important tasks instead of spending hours reviewing documents or answering the phones.

The national average rate of no-shows at behavioral health clinics is higher than that in general. Your staff will remind patients about their appointments and follow-up if they don’t turn up. It can be difficult to talk about no-shows. You can reduce stress by sending an email or sending a text message. To make scheduling easier, Valant allows you to send a configurable reminder that will not show up.

Clinical Reporting:

You can use Valant’s clinical report capabilities to help you improve your practice and ensure the best possible results for clients. Valant allows you to create reports about a wide range of subjects to help you understand how your work impacts patients. You can assess the effectiveness of your treatment and identify areas that could be improved by looking at the client’s outcome measures individually or collectively. This allows you to see the “why” behind client growth and stagnation. This information can be used to help you identify the most effective therapeutic protocols or areas in which you could increase your skills. Pay attention to the patterns that your target audience is looking for.

Valant EHR cost:

The vendor has not published the Valant pricing online. We estimate that users will pay between $200-250 per month. For more information, schedule a Valant EHR demo.

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