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Overlooked SEO strategies to change your chances

Search engine optimization in the case of competitive industries needs to look beyond the basics. Advanced tactics require planning and implementing stronger and robust strategies that enable you to stand apart from your competitors. So, as an entrepreneur, you need to look out for tactics and strategies that can enhance your visibility and reputation compared to your closest competitors.

Several third-party providers offer SEO services. However, if you are looking for some information regarding a few overlooked strategies as far as business SEO is concerned, read on!

Use the featured snippets

Google has implemented a new strategy where a site can only be listed in the featured snippet or at the SERP, never at both places at the same time. Previously, ventures and concerns would aim for snippets exclusively as an appearance on the SERP was almost guaranteed. However, instead of overlooking snippets completely, think about snippets as higher than the SERP ranking. For example, if your concern features in the snippets almost exclusively concerning a local search, you are guaranteed higher traffic numbers.

Fix all broken 404 links

Links that redirect to 404 errors within your site are hurting your site. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with using a high volume of authority links, but the links can become dead or killed within a few months. Several analytical tools will allow you to run diagnostic tests to ensure that there aren’t any broken links within your domain. Once you find a collection of dead links, remove all the dead redirects to boost user engagement.

Redirect links to competitor 404s

While you are taking care of the broken 404 links within your site, a smart SEO strategy builds links simultaneously. You can steal the links that competitors have left that point to dead pages. All you need to do is run your competitor’s domain through your analytical tool, and you will find many broken 404 links. Once it’s done, all you need to do is link your content or create new to correspond to the broken link on the competitor page. There is nothing to stop you from suggesting a working link. And yes, you can replace it with your URL.

FAQ schema to expand SERP reach

SEO is not about ranking at prominent positions. Once you have achieved that. you can further study ways to push your competitors down the pecking order further. The best way to perform this is to leverage the FAQ schema. First, make sure you are formatting your content in a Q&A style. Then you need to use FAQ schema to publish the content. It ensures that a relevant keyword search or a question is answered through your content at the SERP itself. The net effect of this exercise is to push all competitive sites further down the page. Use Google Tag Manager to use the FAQ schema for your site.

Additionally, you should also look into the analysis of log files to understand how the crawl budget is wasted and the cause of crawl errors. Do not overlook these strategies if you are looking for ultimate entrepreneurial success.

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