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Oongalee: Digitized Rate Card Advertising for You

Rate card advertising is an age-old tradition in the restaurant business. It’s a way to let potential customers know what your menu items cost and gives them an idea of the type of establishment you run. But with the advent of digital media, this old-fashioned way of doing things is becoming increasingly obsolete. That’s where Oongalee comes in – we are a digitized rate card advertising solution that lets you reach out to potential customers quickly and easily. In this blog we discuss all about this.

Oongalee: Digitized Rate Card Advertising for You

Rate card advertising has come a long way, with the digital screens it now has. Let’s figure out how this happened.

1.      What is Rate Card Advertising?

Rate card advertising is the traditional method of billboard advertising, which involves renting space on a physical billboard and then paying for that space based on a rate card. This type of advertising has been around for decades, but it’s expensive and can be difficult to track the results.

2. What is Oongalee and How Does it Work?

Oongalee is a new Dooh players company that is shaking up the rate card advertising industry. Oongalee offers restaurants and other businesses the ability to advertise on digital Toronto billboards at a fraction of the cost of traditional rate card advertising. And because Oongalee’s signs are digital, businesses can track their results and make changes on the fly to maximize their results. The company has a great restaurant digital assistant that you can install on your tabletops and let clients charge their phones as they wait for the order to arrive, and it also displays menus and lets customers place their orders through it.

3. How Can Businesses Benefit from Using Oongalee Services?

For businesses, Oongalee’s digital signs are much more cost-effective than traditional rate card advertising. Thanks to the signs being digital, businesses can now track their results and make changes on the fly to maximize their results. This was never possible with traditional rate card ads in newspapers because changes would take another 24 hours at the very least.

4. How Oongalee Helps Customers

For customers, Oongalee’s digital rate card advertising is more engaging and informative than traditional rate card advertising. Since the signs are located in busy areas like subway stations, customers can’t help but see them.

But that’s not the only way Oongalee helps customers. It also lets them charge their smartphones while they wait for their order, or before leaving the restaurant. This is a huge attractive quality, because a lot of people face this problem of going to a restaurant only to find that their smartphone battery is dead or it’s just about to die. At times like these, the type of solution that Oongalee provides can be very helpful. This means that customers that just want to charge their phones and don’t really mean to have a big meal at the restaurant may also come up. Even the smaller meals they may have will be contributing to your restaurant’s profits!

5. Frequently Asked Questions about Oongalee

Since Oongalee has made rate card advertising go all digital, people are still confused about it. That’s why we decided to answer commonly asked questions.

1)  What is Oongalee?

It is a digital device that customers and restaurants interact with. It displays digital menus, countdowns, lets customers charge their smartphones, and helps your restaurant make more profits.

2)  Where Can I Buy Oongalee?

You can buy Oongalee at www.oonngalee.com.

3)  What is DOOH advertising?

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertising is basically a way of marketing in which promotional media is displayed in public spaces outside a home, such as in malls, elevators, fuel stations, and similar areas. The display of ad is digital and dynamic.

4)  What is programmatic DOOH?

Programmatic Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) means digital screens and billboards being sold and bought automatically. Similar to online advertising, in this method inventory gets sold and bought via a Supply Side Platform (SSP) or a Demand Side Platform (DSP).

5)  How much do billboard ads cost in Toronto?

A number of factors influence the Toronto billboards’ ad cost. This includes: the amount of time for which your billboard will remain on display, its visibility, and location. A billboard ad in Toronto may cost anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000, depending on the campaign format and time.

Sign Up for A Free Trial Today

With Oongalee, you can create a digital rate card that will be displayed on our website, and potential diners can view it at their leisure. Plus, Oongalee is free to use! So, if you are looking for a modern way to do rate card advertising, look no further than Oongalee. Visit our website to learn more about our digital rate card advertising solutions and sign up for a free trial TODAY!

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