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An oncologist is a doctor who specializes in medicine for treating people who are diagnosed with cancer. They are also called cancer specialists. Oncologists are specialists in medicine related to all kinds of cancer, including diagnoses, treatment, and further research for improvement. rcr clinical oncology has a special exam from the UK. FRCR is a very prestigious examination. With this, they improve the best doctors for most critical cases like cancer to cure and research more developed medicine for cure.

There are many types of oncologists with a specialty like

  • medical – which includes chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.
  • Then radiation – uses radiation therapy like a high-energy x-ray that destroys cancer cells.
  • Then their surgery – includes surgery for removing the tumor and performing biopsies to diagnose cancer.
  • Gynecologic – works in the reproductive organ as in ovaries, uterus, vagina, etc affected by cancer.
  • Geriatrics – works with older people, those who are older than 65, and affect cancer. They have to take care of them with utmost caution.
  • Hematologist – who works with blood cancer like leukemia m myeloma and lymphoma.
  • Neuro oncologists – take care of cancers in the brain, spine, and nervous system.
  • Pediatrics – works with children and teens for that, cancer which occurs in younger age groups.
  • Thoracic – treats cancer in the chest, including the lungs and esophagus.
  • Urologic – took care of cancers in the genitourinary system.

FRCR (fellow of the royal college radiologists) held examinations provided by the royal college of radiologists in three-part.

  1. First FRCR:- In this exam, first year’s training applicants have to sit in posts for clinical radiology and nuclear medicine. At first, this exam includes 100 marks of true-false questions about physics. And the anatomy part includes image associate questions. This exam was conducted three times a year in various centers.
  2. Final FRCR Part A:- This part is taken from those who have done the first FRCR exam and are in their 3rd year of training by radiology registers. Before 2017, this exam has taken by 6 paper modules with a body system based which can second years and third years can set through it. It includes 75 single best answer questions with two hours as a given time. It consisted of parts like cardiothoracic and vascular, musculoskeletal and trauma, gastrointestinal and Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary, genitourinary, adrenal, obstetrics and gynecology and breast, pediatric, central nervous system, and head and neck. But after 2016 they change it to two examinations with 120 single best answer questions about different ranges of General and specific topics altogether and the time is given around 3 hours.
  3. Final FRCR part B:- After completing part A they can take part in part B which includes rapid reporting, long cases, and viva, and the first two are conducted on the same date and viva for the next day. After completing all of them with 3 years of the clinical training set by Royal College Radiologists they become royal college Radiologists.


When we get to know about FRCR, we learn that frcr exam clinical oncology is held each year at three different times to prepare and encourage doctors to take a part in this examination. With the hardship of this exam, they can categorize and choose best suited for further research even if they changed the exam to help them achieve the common goal of the betterment of our future.

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