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On-Demand App Development Mistakes Businesses Shouldn’t Overlook

Did you know that 28% of apps get uninstalled within a month and 80% of the users across industries don’t use the app after three months of downloading it on the device? 

Quite shocking, right? 

This shows whether it is an on-demand app or a certain industry app, if it does not have potential, customers will not use it. 

But what are the reasons for app uninstallation? The answer is mistakes that are so common that they often get overlooked. Ensuring your on-demand app success in this highly competitive market is a tough nut to crack. 

People are becoming more dependent on mobile apps, so each business seeks to build mobile-first strategies that address their customers’ emerging needs on the go. 

If you are looking for an on-demand app development for your dream business, there are certain mistakes that you should avoid for app success. In this post, we are pointing out those mistakes for you. So let’s get going. 

On-Demand App Development – Mistakes to Strictly Avoid

#1. Complicated App Interface 

Some of the time we get so involved in the app development process that we overlook how the app will be utilised. Ignoring the User Interface while building an on-demand app is a common mistake. 

Configuring a bad UX/UI is one of the key reasons people are uninstalling the app on the go. People have some expectations when they download and use the app such as easy navigation and an easy-to-understand Interface. 

Never start the development without a flowchart. It will give you a clear idea of how the app will look in the end. You should also analyse some of the techniques that help you to enhance the User Interface while developing the app. Focus on the final resolution of the app.  

#2. Not Having Proper Planning 

Usually, businesses launch apps as they discover any issue and find a new or better solution to resolve it. Often at that time the on-demand app’s initial scope and features are decided according to their speculation. 

But it is also necessary to assess those speculations at some point to address users’ actual demands. You need to conduct a thorough interview of 5-10 potential consumers that help you to research in the right direction. Receive feedback from them and be open to changing your app concept according to that feedback. 

Additionally, it is recommended to assess the competitors and identify how your services are unique from the rest.  

#3. Not Building an MVP 

Making an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) will save your on-demand application from facing failure. MVP is the basic end-product that has only the necessary features. So it is also recommended to begin with an MVP that helps you avoid spending too much time and money. 

When you lack an MVP building process, it will trouble you with over-budget and infinite hours on development, overhead management, operational activities, etc. 

To overcome all these hurdles and assess your app in the real market, it is necessary to launch an MVP first. So you make essential changes before launching the final product. 

#4. Lack of Efficient Marketing Strategy 

Many have the intuition that a good app sells itself. Or they have over-confidence in their efforts towards on-demand app development

But, no matter how feature-packed your app is, it still requires a powerful marketing strategy to make people aware of the app solution. It is nearly impossible to sell the app on the go. So better to have a solid marketing plan to reach your targeted audience and promote it in a highly effective manner. 

Analyse the market and narrow down the target audience with the right planning. Validate your MVP before launching the app. You can also get professional assistance for app optimization. Giving special attention to an onboarding process also helps you.  

#5. Fundraising at Early Stages 

A lot of app owners fail because they did not get the needed growth that is essential to secure venture capital. Lack of appropriate marketing strategy troubles app owners to lose out on possible customers as well as investors.   

Most of the new app owners choose bootstrap funding options. As one’s own savings is the more dependable source of funds in the early stages. If you do not save funds for your own great app development idea, asking others for the same is quite unfair. 

Bootstrap funding helps app owners to explore each scope thoroughly, prefer the basic strategy, and spend the right amount to run a successful on-demand app. 

#6. Hiring the Wrong Development Team 

Hiring dedicated teams from offshore are becoming more and more popular and businesses are benefiting by saving their time and costs. But hiring an inadequate team is one of the most common on-demand app development mistakes that startups make. 

Before hiring any of the app developers, designers, or quality analysts, make sure to assess their work experience, portfolio, certifications, client testimonials, and background. 

Having more members in the team does not mean it will help to lead to higher growth. So focus on the developers who best suit the roles you are going to assign them. Whether you require more manpower in the future or not completely depends on the rising demand of the customers. 

#7. Careless Testing 

In the introduction to on-demand app development, performing testing is a constant process and should be executed all through the whole development activities. It is one of the best ways to resolve any bugs or issues with the application. You will have more chances to correct as many bugs as possible. 

Regular testing is a time-consuming task that needs extra effort. That is the reason many app owners skip it. But Avoiding these factors is a common app development mistake that ultimately leads to more serious issues. Make sure you test mobile app usability and design functioning. 

Whether it’s mobile device selection, simulators, cloud testing, network conditions, or manual/automated testing, To have an effective on-demand mobile app, you need to perform superior testing of all these key factors.

#8. Inability to Keep Up with Changing Situation

When you lack a versatile team, it will drag you to failure. Versatility does not mean having a skill set and applying them when the need arises. Versatility also refers to the team member’s ability to take the initiative to change products based on customer demands.

The team must be ready to recover from unfavourable market conditions and also improve together in unity, even during tough times. 

#9. Inconsistent App Updates 

The process of on-demand app development doesn’t conclude with after-launch advertising. Rather you should be prepared to discover the customer needs and enhance the features of the on-demand mobile app based on that. 

To provide updates that enhance your app performance, you need to assess the reviews, acknowledge what is lacking in the app, fix bugs, and make constant corrections. For that, you need to be highly active to resolve any possible concerns at the appropriate time. 

#10. Making a Clone App of the Website 

With a mobile presence, app owners will leverage multiple advantages. But to reap all the benefits, making your app a clone of your website is wrong.

Web apps comprise some of the unique features that a mobile website can not. Simulating your on-demand mobile app as your website would be a waste of money, cost, and resources. You also need to understand that mobile users expect something different compared to websites.  

You can match the colour, themes, logo, etc., but do not completely simulate it.  

Summing Up 

The above-mentioned mistakes can cause serious concerns to your on-demand app’s success. But you can initiate app development if you have a clear product goal and a skilled team of professionals to offer solutions merged with modern technologies. 

It will help you to drive the business transformation you’re so keen on and assist you in heading one step closer to on-demand app success. 

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