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Office Chairs More Environmentally Friendly Than Ever Before

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As we learned more about how our actions harm the environment, we realized the importance of energy efficiency, pollution prevention, product substitution, and recycling. Many individuals are interested in purchasing items that will help them individually make a positive impact on our environment and are looking for ways to do so. We are pleased to announce that our range of office chairs meets the latest environmental regulations.

Many office chair manufacturers have recently realized that they too can make a difference by developing new methods of production and transport. By devising new strategies, they have greatly reduced their direct impact on ozone and water resources. They have been able to significantly reduce waste through improvements in recycled materials used in the packaging process and innovative designs using recycled materials such as textiles and leather.


As a well-known organization that certifies manufacturers whose goods meet strict standards for chemical emissions, Nextchair is gaining recognition. To maintain this prestigious accreditation, products must pass quarterly quality monitoring tests in addition to the annual recertification process.

To help expose participants to people looking for items that meet their requirements, they post on their website and offer training to participants in marketing support. The Nextchair Brand, a fantastic marketing tool for manufacturers whose goods achieve certification, is available for use.

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We are pleased to announce that we offer office chairs and furniture from a variety of suppliers who have chosen to adhere to these standards. For example, OFM, a Greenguard-certified company, has made progress in modernizing its business by marketing green products and changing its workplace. They are happy to announce that they are now carbon neutral and have received certification as a New Renewable Energy Facility. They just erected a solar panel on the roof of their North Carolina headquarters. Great!

Last year, they made changes to their order processing, shipping, and invoicing processes, which allowed them to cut the amount of paper they used in half. In addition, they cut their electricity usage in half by switching all of their lightings from 400-watt metal halide outdoor high bay lights to 200-watt induction outdoor bay lights.

NextChair is committed to doing its part by using cardboard packaging made from 80% recycled material. With little impact on the environment, they have developed a health-friendly powder coating technique that can recover up to 99% of overspray. They have also completely stopped using CFCs and HCFCs in all their manufacturing processes to protect the ozone layer. They provide recyclable polyester fabric as an alternative for several of their chairs.

Environmentally friendly leather chairs

We have added eco-leather Executive Chairs to our inventory of office chairs. Many people don’t realize that toxic ingredients are used in the tanning and production of leather, which affects the environment. Ecological chairs do not contain restricted substances such as formaldehyde, PCP, banned azo dyes, or chromium VI. They offer the soft feel and look of genuine leather full leather chairs while being made from recycled leather and leather scraps with a plastic backing. To see our full selection of eco-friendly leather chairs, click on the link below:

Eco-leather office chairs

If you believe it is vital to contribute to the protection of the environment, you may want to consider purchasing an office chair from a company that shares your concerns and is actively working to reduce environmental damage.

If you want more information on ergonomic chairs, check out our NextChair Reviews website on how to choose the right one.

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