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Office Ally Practice Mate Review

Office Ally Practice Mate is a software that helps doctors streamline clinical and administrative practices. It features customizable features to help doctors keep track of patient information and finances. It also offers a patient portal and automated patient charts. Moreover, the software also offers a free practice management solution. This software has a long list of satisfied customers and is giving the competition in the market a serious run for its money.


The free Office Ally Practice Mate software is designed to streamline administrative and clinical processes. It features customizable features that enable users to track patient information. It also offers easy-to-read lab reports and automated patient charts. Users can also communicate with patients through secure messaging. Office Ally Practice Mate is available for both Mac and Windows platforms, and it has an extensive customer support team. It is free to use, and there is no contract to sign.

Office Ally Practice Mate software also includes a patient portal that allows patients to schedule appointments online, pay bills, and fill out forms. It is secure and supports read/write access to patients and employees, ensuring patient-doctor confidentiality.


Real-time Office Ally Practice Mate allows users to securely communicate with their providers from anywhere. It allows patients to check their insurance coverage, make appointments, and pay their medical bills. They can also check their lab results and obtain health information. The platform also includes a patient portal that patients can use to enter demographic and insurance information. The system also integrates with Office Ally and allows users to share files with other providers.

The software also includes a private patient portal that allows patients to request labs, confirm insurance eligibility, and confirm appointment requests. The application also offers features to build detailed summary reports and is HIPAA and ONC-ACB-certified. It also works well with Office Ally EHR software and helps medical practices meet Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 criteria.

No period end close

No period-end close in Office Ally Practice Mate makes it difficult to track your patients’ balances. While the system can generate basic production reports and charts, they lack customization and key data such as birth dates. Office Ally offers a free version of its practice management software and is constantly updating it to provide improved features.

Office Ally’s Practice Mate EMR is a great option for smaller practices and is free. However, you can upgrade to add other features for a fee. The software has a flexible pricing plan and is certified to meet meaningful use requirements. You can also download a free trial version for up to 30 days and decide if it’s right for your practice. You can also check out the Clinicient Insight Software review and its features.

Compatible with Office Ally clearinghouse

Compatible with Office Ally clearinghouse is a cloud-based health care solution that lets your practice submit claims for payments in an easy and efficient manner. The system provides an easy way to submit claims and allows you to specify read/write access for each member of staff. You can also choose which services your practice will use in order to submit claims.

Office Ally has a number of products for health care providers, including a free practice management system and an electronic health record. The most well-known feature is its clearinghouse, which allows you to submit electronic claims to more than 5,000 payers. You can use this service free of charge or pay $35 a month per NPI. It can also interface with most practice management systems, so you can continue using your current PMS while you use Office Ally.


If you’re looking for a practice management system that works with an EHR, Office Ally is a great option. This software integrates with AxiaMed, a healthcare payment technology company. It includes everything from secure patient communications to appointment and refill requests. It also includes customizable fields for notes and appointment types. And because the system is EPCS certified, it’s completely secure. It also has a free version, so you can try it out without a contract.

Practice Mate also offers integration with Patient Ally and the EHR, so it’s good for smaller practices. The billing process can be a bit slow, but it has some nice features. It also offers a free claims submission service that sends claims to over 5,000 insurance companies.

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