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Now you can order customized photo cakes in Kolkata

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Kolkata has long been known for its delicious food and desserts. A new trend is emerging to delight dessert lovers everywhere – customized photo cake! The days of simply choosing from the bakery’s selection are over, as Kolkata bakeries now offer personalized cakes with images of your choice. Whether you want to surprise a loved one with a special birthday treat or commemorate a special occasion, you can get precisely what you want.

How to order photo cake in Kolkata 

Now, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect customized cake for your special occasion anymore! Kolkata has recently opened up the option of ordering photo cakes online. Photo cakes are unique and memorable cakes that have edible photographs printed on them. They are a great way to make any event extra memorable.

Ordering a photo cake online in Kolkata is easy and convenient. All you need to do is find a reliable bakery, select the size and flavor of your cake, upload a high-resolution image of the photograph you want to be printed on it, choose any additional features like icing or topping and place an order.

Make your loved one happy by sending a photo cake. 

The process of ordering a photo cake is simple, as you must select the desired flavor and upload your favorite photograph. The personalized cake will be made using fresh ingredients and decorated with edible printing technology, which ensures that it looks exactly like the one in the photograph. You can even add a personal message on top of the cake for your loved one. Apart from being visually appealing, these cakes are also sumptuous and sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face when they receive them!

Birthday photo cake delivery: MyFlowerGift is the best online option in Kolkata 

Looking for the best online options to order a custom birthday photo cake in Kolkata? Look no further than MyFlowerGift. This online shop is perfect for ordering cakes of all shapes and sizes that can be customized with a photograph. The cakes are made from fresh ingredients and come in various flavors like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and more. Not only do they have ready-made designs, but they also allow you to make custom requests so that your cake is exactly as you want it to be!

MyFlowerGift also offers free delivery throughout Kolkata so that you can enjoy their delicious cakes without any worries or hassles. They guarantee timely product delivery and provide 24/7 customer support in case of any queries or issues related to orders placed through their website.

How to order birthday photo cakes: three easy steps 

Ordering a birthday photo cake has never been easier. With the recent launch of customized photo cakes, you can now get a personalized cake made with your favorite picture to make any special occasion truly memorable. Here are three simple steps to help you order your own birthday photo cake:

First, select the type of cake you want and upload the image or photograph that you would like printed on the cake.

Same-day photo cake delivery

These customizable photo cakes are a great way to make any celebration more memorable. You can choose from various flavors and designs to create the perfect cake for your occasion. These cakes also come in various sizes, so you can choose one that best fits the number of people attending the event. The icing is made with high-quality ingredients and edible images that look realistic and taste amazing!

Why midnight cake deliveries are gaining popularity 

In the age of convenience, midnight cake deliveries are gaining popularity among those who want to surprise their friends and loved ones with something special. With the ability to order a customized photo cake in Kolkata online or through popular food delivery, myflowergift customers can make sure that delicious cakes reach their recipients anytime.

Order Personalized Photo Cakes Online and save time 

With this fantastic service, you must upload your favorite image or photograph and choose from various sizes and flavors to make a special cake. The best part is that the process takes only a few minutes of your time, ensuring you don’t have to waste hours running around looking for the perfect gift. Even if you are miles away , all it takes is one click of the mouse, and voila – your customized cake will be ready in no time!

10 Best Photo Cake Design Ideas 

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or any other special occasion, ordering a photo cake is the perfect way to make your celebration even more memorable. Kolkata-based online bakeries are now offering customized cakes with edible images printed on them. Here we have listed the 10 best photo cake design ideas for you to consider when ordering your next cake:

1. Heart Shape Photo Cake 

Looking for an impressive way to surprise your loved one? Look no further – Heart Shape Photo Cake is now available. Now you can wow your special someone with a customized photo cake made just for them. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, birthday, proposal, or any other special occasion – this photo cake will make the day memorable!

2. Designer Photo Cake 

Designer photo cakes have become the latest craze, bringing together a unique blend of art and indulgence. Now, you can order customized cakes with your favorite photograph printed on top. Whether a birthday celebration or an anniversary, these designer cakes make your party extra special.

3. Rectangular Photo Cake 

Kolkata is now the home to a variety of custom-made photo cakes. From round and heart shapes to rectangular, you can order whatever type of cake you want for your special occasion.

The 3D rectangular photo cake is a unique offering bakers that is guaranteed to make your celebration extra unique and memorable. With the help of advanced techniques like edible printing and 3D modeling, bakeries can turn any photograph into a tempting treat that everyone will enjoy.

4. Tier Photo Cake 

For those in Kolkata looking for a special treat to mark a special occasion, the 4. Tier Photo Cake is here! This cake is perfect for making a birthday, anniversary, or other celebration unique and memorable.

5. Cube Photo Cake 

One of the most popular desserts is now even more personal – the cube photo cake. This delicious treat combines art and flavor, allowing customers to customize their unique creations.

The cube photo cake is a fun new way to celebrate special occasions with friends and family. Customers can choose from various flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon, and many more. The cake is then decorated with an edible picture or design that can be customized according to the customer’s preference.

6. Black forest photo cake 

A sweet treat to surprise your loved ones is now available in Kolkata! Now you can order customized photo cakes from the comfort of your home. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, having a personalized cake adds joy and excitement.

7. Chocolate photo cake 

A delicious treat awaits sweet tooth connoisseurs! Now you can order customized photo cakes in the city. Adding an exciting twist to regular designer cakes, these unique treats come with a chocolate topping with your favorite image.

8. Round shape photo cake 

Photo cakes are the latest trend in custom birthday cakes. With 8 round shaped photo cakes, you can now make your special occasion even sweeter!

These delicious and creative photo cakes come in various flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, orange, and more. You will be surprised at how easy it is to order these customized photo cakes, which are very popular for most occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. They also make great gifts for your loved ones.

9. Frame design photo cake 

If you have been looking for a creative way to add a little bit of fun to your next special occasion, then you will be pleased to know that it is now possible to order customized photo cakes in Kolkata. This unique cake offers a great way to express yourself and make the event memorable.

10. Vanilla photo cake 

The city of Kolkata is now offering a delicious way to capture special moments and celebrate them with the Vanilla Photo Cake. This unique cake design allows you to customize your own cake with a photo of your choice, making it perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion.

Make your loved one memorable by sending a photo cake. 

Sending a photo cake to your loved ones is the perfect way to make them feel special. A photo cake with a personalized image of the recipient ensures that your gift will be unforgettable and one of a kind.

If you are looking for customized cakes, look no further! With the help of modern technology and baking expertise, you can now order a photo cake. These personalized cakes come with intricate designs that include pictures, quotes, and other personal details.

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Introducing customized photo cakes has taken the city by storm. With the ability to customize a cake for any occasion, customers will have a unique and memorable experience with every order. The combination of delicious ingredients and creative designs makes these cakes unique and perfect for any celebration.

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