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Nobody Gets Me Lyrics

Nobody Gets Me Lyrics written bySZA, Rob Bisel, Carter Lang, Robin Weisse & ​benny blanco. The song is a ballad about a relationship that is falling apart. The lyrics are sad and regretful, and the track reflects on the happy moments that are now gone. The track is a reminder that even though love doesn’t always last, the memories of it can.

Nobody Gets Me Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Took a long vacation
No make-up, just JAY-Z
You were balls-deep, now we beefin’
Had me butt-naked at the MGM
So wasted, screamin’, “Fuck that”
Blurry now, but I meant it then
Hurry now, baby, stick it in
‘Fore the memories get to kickin’ in

It’s too late, I don’t wanna lose

What’s left of you
How am I supposed to tell you
I don’t wanna see you with anyone but me?
Nobody gets me like you
How am I supposed to let you go?
Only like myself when I’m with you
Nobody gets me, you do (Do)
You do
Nobody gets me, you do (Do)
You do
Nobody gets me, you do
You do
Nobody gets me, you do

The track Nobody Gets Me Lyrics was December 9, 2022 through benny blanco & Carter Lang.

Nobody Gets Me Lyrics is a love track that is both poetic and easy to understand. The romance in the track is between two people who clearly admire each other. While the relationship between the two people in the track is implied to be serious, it also seems like a very exciting relationship, complete with “nights spent in dark hotels.

The chorus of the track is all about not being afraid to admit your feelings to someone you care about, even if you’re far away from each other. The vocalist reminds us in the lyrics Freak that it’s easy to stay in touch with the people we love, and that we should try to be honest with them about how we’re feeling. They suggest sending a love letter if we haven’t seen or talked to our loved ones in a while, as it can help us feel closer to them.

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