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Njavarakizhi – Procedures, Benefits , Cost and Side effects

Njavarakizhi is an Ayurvedic massage that combines Njavara (Shashtika Shali) or cooked rice with milk and herbal extract of Kurumthotti (Sida Rhombifolia) tied in cotton boluses called kizhis. To induce sudation, kizhis dipped in medicinal Ayurvedic oils would be administered all over the body or to a specific portion of the body (perspiration).


Njavarkizhi, also known as shashtikashali pinda swedam, is a sort of massage that induces sweating and relieves stress. Njavara, which means rice in Malayalam, is also known as shashtikashali in Sanskrit. This technique makes use of rice that grows in 60 days. It possesses therapeutic properties that make it suitable for this form of treatment. Kizhi also stands meaning bolus, which is known as pinda in Sanskrit. The therapy is a sweat-inducing treatment that employs a variety of techniques to make this massage useful. The rice is grown in Kerala, and the technique is practiced in every Kerala ayurvedic treatment centre by ayurvedic physicians known as vaidyas.

The main goal of this massage is to induce sweat in a specific body area or the entire body, as needed, by applying certain therapeutic medications with Njavarakizhi rice pudding dipped in the form of boluses knotted in a muslin cloth. Milk and rice are efficiently applied externally, posing to be an efficient massage pudding. The combination of milk, rice, and other medicinal herbs creates a pure therapeutic cocktail for treating health issues. Generally, rice and other foods are prepared by making a decoction of the essential herbs and boiling the rice for a set amount of time and temperature.


Your skin is maintained healthy. The skin, as the biggest organ in the body, requires special attention. This treatment is quite good in improving the texture of your skin and making it bright and lovely.

The treatment improves muscle tone and strengthens muscles. Njavarakizhi is suitable if you are experiencing general bodily weakness as a result of ageing.

This medication aids in the reduction of body cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is a major health issue in the present period, and the Njavarakizhi therapy is an excellent treatment. The intrinsic impact of sweat generating regulates blood circulation and lowers cholesterol levels.

Njavarakizhi treatment is particularly efficient at relieving stress. It aids in relaxation and the removal of tension. The mind is put to rest, allowing you to quiet down and relax.

Njavarakizhi also aids in the relief of pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Furthermore, regular Njavarakizhi treatments assist to strengthen your muscles, providing you with long-term relief from arthritis symptoms.

Cost in Kerala

In Kerala, the cost of therapy varies from doctor to doctor and clinic to clinic. The treatment costs between Rs.300 to Rs.6000. It is the atmosphere, the time of decoction, and the applier’s expertise that are important. The price raises the number of oils. Because the oils are so expensive, it takes a long time to obtain any. It is usually inexpensive at government ayurveda centres. However, it is recommended that you go to Best ayurvedic center in Kerala and get the treatment for Rs1000-Rs2000.

side effects

This is a natural medicine that has no side effects. Made entirely from natural herbs and essential oils. Furthermore, the unique rice utilised in this therapy might leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated after the treatment. This treatment is not associated with any specific group of negative effects. This massage table treatment takes time, herbs, and 2-3 persons to complete. On the one hand, it relaxes the mind, relieves tension, enhances the neurological system, and increases the ability of the skin to sweat. So getting treatment can help you feel better and regenerate.

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