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Nissan X-Gear 2023: Toughness and Power

As Massy Motors demonstrated the Nissan X-Gear 2023 pickup truck’s toughness, power, and controls during a presentation, heavy rain was not enough to halt test drives.

The trucks, which were unveiled at the Massy Motors dealership in Morvant, gave the general public the opportunity to ride in the newest Nissan X-Gear models and have first-hand experience operating the cars in challenging conditions.

Olivier Rochard, Head of Sales for Nissan Importers in Latin America and the Caribbean, noted during the introduction that, like the cars they build, the company has endured the test of time and has improved its market share by giving customers quality for a reasonable price.

The Nissan Frontier, according to him, has received more than ten awards in Latin America, and is one of the most well-liked cars worldwide thanks to its robustness and off-road ability. Sales of the Nissan Frontier increased by 5.5% over the previous fiscal year.

Additionally, he said that instead of being reliable, sturdy, and strong, the objective now is to give them the feeling that they can travel wherever. They will advance significantly towards the future of mobility by adding the new Frontier X-Gear to our line-up.

In addition, Rochard praised Massy Motors for their relationship and support over the past 50 years and expressed his desire to work with them on other projects in the years to come.

The CEO of Massy Automotive Components Ltd., Aloysius Bereaux, expressed his pleasure at taking part in the launch and thanked the workers for their assistance.

He also urged people to embrace the new X-Gear’s better mechanical construction, effective braking system, and precise steering system in addition to its improved aesthetic appeal.

Four distinct X-Gear variants are offered, and their driving prowess was tested on muddy inclines, gravel, and dirt.

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