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Nirula’s Yummy Kebabs for Your Tummy Restaurant Review

Nirula’s has been experimenting with unique menu items for a few months now. While it could be sacrilegious for someone like Nirula’s to alter its standard menu, the Delhi-based restaurant business has long offered Specials in the form of culinary festivals.

Nirula’s has a mouthwatering Lucknawi Kebab Mela that is heating things up right after its Thali Special.

Nirula’s Kebab-e-licious, India’s most well-known gyros restaurant, has created a great concoction of authentic and delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs.

The Lucknow region provides some of the festival’s best food options, including as Galouti Kebab, Murg Banno Kebab, Lagan ki Seekh, Paneer Saunfiyana Tikka, and Dahi ke Kebab, among others.

The distinctive Thalis at Nirulas have been one of the best-moving dishes on the menu, and the special menus have been built around this idea. To help you wash down the food, each of these Kebab sections is served with Dal Makhni, Naan, Salad, and a lovely bottle of your preferred soft drink.

The selection of four scrumptious non-vegetarian platters starts at less than Rs. 190 and offers a wide range of options. The appeal of “Kebab-e-licious” lies in its lovely fusion of traditional recipes with a contemporary makeover.

The Murg Banno Kebab platter, which features chicken tikka that has been covered in eggs, gives the classic chicken tikka a makeover, while the Galouti Kebab, which is made with mutton that has been smoked and served hot off the grill, has a peculiar flavour all its own.

The other two options are the traditional Mugh Malai Tikka made with curd, cream, and cheese and the Lagan Ki Seekh. The Seekh Kebabs, which are quite traditional and served with butter gravy and bell peppers on top, are by far the greatest item on the special menu.

Normally, one wouldn’t link vegetarianism with kebabs, however in India, consumers are always given the opportunity to select between meat and non-meat goods. This time, the vegetarian options are as impressive, and the superb Dahi Ke Kebab Platter easily takes first place.

Dahi Kebab, Paneer Saunfiyana Tikka, and Chatpata Tandoori Aloo Platter, three vegetarian platters, range in price from Rs. 190 to Rs. 145. (approx).

The usual suspects include Hot Chocolate Fudge, any of the 21 flavours of ice cream, and the limited-edition “Gajar ka Halwa” round out the menu.

The meals at Nirula’s offer excellent value and are reasonably priced. The fantastic thing about the Kebab-e-licious menu is that everything is worth trying twice, but the unfortunate thing is that you only have 10 days to embark on this culinary adventure!

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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