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New Upcoming Single Player Games Coming in 2023

Playing games on your own is another level of experience, regardless of how much fun you could have in multiplayer games. Single player games for the year 2023 are already in the loop and we are sure you’d be more than excited if you are a pro gamer. No matter, playing your favourite video games single-handedly is surely a great entertaining experience and you could actually move along the game your way. 

For gamers, who are much excited than ever, we have brought a thrilling list of upcoming games that you can enjoy incredibly. These games are expected to release in near future, expectably 2023 and you can finally turn your gaming favours into them. Get ready for a sensational gaming session, no matter what types of games you are into. We have made sure to list down every video game that can come off as a sensational experience for you. 

1. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Are you a fan of action-adventure game? Well, this one’s the one for you then. It is basically the sequel of Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen order that was created by Respawn entertainment. This game will pick up exactly from the last game scene, with the interval of 5 years. The story theme of the game is based on the title, where the characters return to galaxy from very far away. This edition will enable the players to take control of Cal Kestis who will continue to evade the galaxy empire with his armed heroes. 

2. Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy could be your favourite fiction game, especially if you are an incredible fan of Harry Potter. If you have always followed the movie sequence or novel, and dreamt of being a part of it, this game provides a fair chance of that. Through the game, you are enabled to enter in Hogwarts, attend every class, learn spells, mix potions and what not. Your character shall be customizable which will be developed according to your suitability and requirements. So, you get in the game in the 1800s, which is way before Harry Potter and his friends became the wizards. Pretty cool, isn’t it? 

3. Alan Wake II

Alan Wake II

Horror horror on the wall, who is the darkest of all? Alen Wake II is the follow-up of its previous gaming edition where the new players will be allowed to experience even horrendous adventure. While this one’s a sequel of 2010 Alan Walker, it will be based on survival horror more than action-based story. Following up to its prior gameplay, the player will be left to survive through new and unpredictable adventure. The game mainly stares the character called Alan Wake, which, in actual, you would be playing. 

4. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth


Fantasy lovers, where you at? The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second part of the game that will start right where its 2020 edition ended with the story-shifting end. The group will leave midgar and enter the world to hunt for Sephiroth for answering many unheard questions, regardless of the predecessor truth that was already exposed. It is yet to witness what will happen next in the journey upcoming winter, after the fate of Cloud, Zack, Aerit and else world is now in the air. 

5. Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI

After Final Fantasy 7, the storyline of this new gaming edition will unveil newer adventures for players and the franchise itself. Clearly, the game will reach new horizons which were not exposed in any of the previous gaming versions. The game is all based on the world of Valisthea which encompasses being like Eikons and mythical creatures that players will view as game summons like Shiva and Baphomet. The players are handled the control of Clive Rosfield who is on the chase for revenge after the terrible events related to Eikon Ifrit. Majorly, three parts of Clive’s life are followed throughout the game, where the players will meet many characters including friends and enemies. Player will also battle many monsters with system along the game that have never come across the series before. As compared to the prior versions, the new game has much darker pace and is way more grounded. No doubt, the game is going to be exciting than ever if you are really into its story line.  

6. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Most of y’all might have already witnessed the best Spiderman video game version, but this one definitely seems like a super hit. It follows up Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, where the characters are now altered to a new swing into the game. The new villians of the game are yet to be announced on the roaming streets for Spiderman, which is of course exciting as it should be. This time the villain character is expected to come with a massive reveal of venom at the end of the game, which will be one of the hosts of the enemies. The theme of the game is told to be belonged to the Karven the Hunter, but the gameplay interval is still unknown. So, it’s going to be quite fun and not exactly much predictable.  

7. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

The follow-up of previous Resident Evil versions allows it to be even more fascinating where participants can enjoy the same effects as of 2005 gameplay. The whole game is pretty much related to the ground story that was followed since the start, but the storyline is carried with the kidnapping of daughter of US President. The special agent of the previous rookie cop, known as Leon S is on the mission to save the daughter and fight devils. This gaming version is going to take a leap over darkest regions and will come with intensified graphical content. 

8. Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends

The most famous gaming series called Minecraft has come up with the entirely reimagined look and experience. There is a third-party action as well as real-time action strategy included in this version that will let gamers enjoy the revamped game format. Of course, the ground phenomenon will be the same, but players will fight against the forces of Nether. You will be allowed to build up resources, create defenses and send the Piglins back to their fiery realm. 

Bottom Line 

No matter single-player games are thrilling as ever, than many multi-player and different types of games. Here are the best single player games that you will witness in the upcoming 2023 year. While the new variety of games is just not limited to these, they are still the best and most exciting that you can discover from the upcoming collection. 


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