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Neurosurgery for Movement Disorders: Options in Bangalore

Neurosurgery for Movement Disorders: Alternatives in Bangalore
Surgery is a specialized field of medicine that offers advanced therapy choices for various motion disorders. In Bangalore, a metropolis known for its thriving healthcare industry, patients have access to cutting – edge neurosurgical treatments. This article explores the choices available for neurosurgery bangalore, focusing particularly on movements disorders and the experience offered in the city.

Understanding Movement Disorders

A variety of neurosurgery bangalore conditions known as motion disorders are characterized by abnormal movements and poor motor control. These disorders can significantly affect a woman’s quality of life, affecting their ability to perform everyday activities. Some common motion disorders include Parkinson’s disease, important tremor, ataxia, and Tourette syndrome.

Neurosurgery Options for Movement Disorders in Bangalore

In Bangalore, famous neurosurgical facilities provide comprehensive care and superior treatment options for patients with motion disorders. Here are some significant neurosurgical treatments available in Bangalore:

Deep Brain Stimulation ( DBS )

Deep Brain Stimulation is a commonly used surgical technique for managing movement problems. It involves implanting a tiny device, similar to a pacemaker, in the mind. This device helps control abnormal movements and lessen symptoms by sending electronic impulses to particular regions of the brain. Bangalore’s neurosurgical facilities have skilled doctors experienced in performing DBS procedures with accuracy and experience.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Stereotactic Radiosurgery is a non – invasive procedure that uses very focused rays to target certain areas in the brain. It can be a successful treatment option for movement disorders, especially when conventional medical methods might not be appropriate. Bangalore’s sophisticated medical facilities offer express – of – the – art radiosurgery technology, enabling specific and targeted treatment for movement disorders.

Lesioning Procedures

Neurosurgery bangalore lesioning methods involve creating targeted lesions in certain areas of the brain responsible for the movement problem. This can be achieved through methods such as radiofrequency irradiation or beta tongue surgeries. These procedures aim to enhance motor symptoms and recover better movement control by deliberately disabling the dangerous brain circuits. Bangalore’s doctors have extensive experience in performing lesioning methods for motion disorders.

Choosing a Neurosurgical Center in Bangalore

When seeking surgery for motion disorders in Bangalore, it is crucial to select a reliable neurosurgery bangalore. Consider the following elements:

Expertise and Experience

Look for a middle with doctors who specialize in motion disorders and have considerable experience in performing neurosurgery bangalore. Check their qualifications, certifications, and individual testimonials to assure their experience matches your needs.

Express – of – the – Art Facilities

Confirm that the neurosurgical middle is equipped with sophisticated technology and facilities required for exact diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders. Cutting – edge technology enhances the effectiveness and health of the procedures.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Movements disorders often require a multidisciplinary approach involving doctors, neuroscientists, physical therapists, and other medical professionals. Pick a facility that encourages teamwork and provides all-inclusive treatment to meet the various patient needs.

Patient – Centric Care

Ponder the center’s commitment to patient – centered care, including personalized treatment plans, sympathetic support, and post – surgical rehabilitation services. A caring and supportive environment you significantly contribute to the overall care knowledge.


For the treatment of action disorders, neurosurgery in Bangalore offers a variety of cutting-edge options. Patients have access to cutting-edge interventions offered by skilled neurosurgeons, from lesioning procedures to excisional radiosurgery and deep brain stimulation. When thinking about having surgery in Bangalore

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