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My Adventure Trip to Strawberry, Arizona


Strawberry, Arizona, a small town in the pines with lots of charm and timeless beauty, is situated near the base of the Mogollon Rim.

For many Arizonans, the area blurs as they drive down Beeline Highway between villages.

Travelers are enticed to breathe in the pine-scented air by the winding route, animals by the side of the road, and signs advertising homemade pies.

Whether you prefer the great outdoors and hiking, exploring historical sites and antique shopping, or delectable cuisine and live music, Strawberry has something to offer everyone.

Strawberry, a small village in the pines located close to the base of the Mogollon Rim, is not short on charm or traditional beauty. The town is sometimes just a blur for Arizonans travelling quickly between communities on Beeline Highway. However, the winding road, animals ambling down the side, and signs promising homemade pie urge cars to slow down and take a moment to breathe in the fresh pine fragrance.

Why stop that interaction after a minute or two? Let’s look at the activities available in the area around Strawberry, which are certainly more than you could cram into a weekend!

Let’s Explore the best things to do in strawberry AZ.

The Strawberry Inn Little Cottages are a Good Place to Sleep

Unwind at Strawberry’s boutique hotel, the Strawberry Inn.
A unique boutique hotel for tourists, explorers, and nature lovers is The Strawberry Inn.
Their accommodations are perfect for a getaway for two, a family excursion, a hunting trip, a business retreat, or a family gathering.
Along with the prime location, they also offer private cabins like The Guest House, The Creek Cabin, The Bungalow, The Bunkhouse, Tiny Cottages, and Airstreams for a journey akin to glamping.

Purchase Something at Windmill Coffee

Since the 1970s, The Windmill has served as a BBQ place, storage facility, tanning salon, and—as of right now—a coffee shop and coffee roaster.
Southern California natives Dan and Marina, who own Windmill Coffee and reside in Pine/Strawberry, travelled to the Rim through Phoenix.

They are thrilled to set up shop and explore taste variants while working and living in their area now that their dream of owning a coffee shop has come true.

Windmill Coffee takes great pride in operating as a multi-family and multi-generational company.

Purchase a beverage from their walk-up window and take in Strawberry, Arizona’s gorgeous surroundings, or order wonderful freshly roasted coffee to be delivered right to your door.

Try their coffee at The Windmill whether you’re a visitor to the Strawberry Inn, a resident, a day-tripper looking for excitement, or just sipping your coffee at home!

Visit the Sportsman’s Chalet for a Snack

The Sportsman’s Chalet features a lovely covered terrace where people are relaxing with drinks in the evening is one of the best things to do in strawberry AZ this weekend.

Most patrons enjoy the well-prepared elk burgers, fried fish, and pork at this Mexican-themed bar and grill.

The Sportsman Chalet is renowned for its superior customer service and friendly staff who are always eager to help.

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