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Must-Have Knowledge for Civil Engineers

Civil engineers are an integral part of the creation of new buildings and designs. The key to making public places, cities, and private spaces beautiful and cohesive all comes down to how well civil engineers can do their job. You can’t just become a civil engineer overnight though. There are some key factors that civil engineers must know of to complete their jobs. Check them out below.

Mathematics and Engineering Basics

The first skill that every civil engineer should be an expert on is mathematics. Having a good grasp of this hard skill will ensure that the structures you are creating are sound. It can take years to learn and understand the basics of engineering to become a civil engineer. You can learn these skills by obtaining a degree

The best way to keep yourself sharp on these skills is to apply them to real-world projects. You can start by interning with engineering firms or helping on small building projects in your local area to build these skills and keep them fresh. 

Site Analysis 

Once you have the correct mathematical skills under your belt, civil engineers need to be able to analyze the site they are working on. This part of the job can make or break the project you’re working on. 

In a site analysis, civil engineers will be able to look at the site they are working on in regards to grading for the building. This includes looking at the ground, and the levels and making sure everything is right to continue building. They may also need to work with other engineers to evaluate the environmental factors of the site and how those play into the project. 

Project Management

Civil engineers must understand project management. While they aren’t the ones organizing the entire project, they will determine the timeline of the project as a whole. Civil engineers have to work with many different people like builders, architects, and contractors. 

Having project management knowledge helps engineers work with all of these different parties. It will get timelines aligned. Civil engineers will also need to propose materials during their analysis which can determine the speed and efficiency of a project as well. Overall, civil engineers will be the determining factor in how a project can proceed, and knowing those management skills can make everyone on site’s lives a little easier. 


While all of the calculations and building skills are crucial to being a civil engineer, so is communication. When working on large-scale building projects, everyone must be on the same page. Huge teams of people work together to get construction projects done. But nothing will happen if no one knows what’s going on. 

Between a civil engineer, an architect, or a project manager, a lot of communication needs to occur. If you love the engineering aspect of the job and not so much the talking to people, you still need to learn how to get your point across so the team you are working with can further the project. Not only do you need project management skills, but you have to be able to communicate those ideas with the other people you are working with. 

Specialized Skills 

Civil engineers don’t necessarily have to have specialized skills to work on a job. Some jobs, however, do require those with particular knowledge bases to work on them. And if you are interested in a specific field of civil engineering, it can come as an advantage to be knowledgeable in a specific area. Some more specialized areas of civil engineering include:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering 

There are many more types of engineering jobs that you can learn more about from ZP Architects and Engineers. If you have a specific interest and want to work in a specialized field, knowing a smaller skill set can help you break into that arena. Civil engineers that focus on specialized skills may find projects that are more interesting and aligned with their passions. 


Civil engineers need a lot of skills to do their job, let alone be great at it. Whether you’ve been in the field for years or are just starting, it’s a great idea to understand the knowledge that you need to succeed. With these general tips, you’ll be able to work on projects you love in no time. 

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