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Multiple Sri Lanka visa Types for UAE  residents

In 2012, the Sri Lankan government presented the Sri Lanka ETA to enable international travelers’ arrival for temporary visitors. It allows various nationalities, including UAE (United Arab Emirates), to visit Sri Lanka with an electronic travel authorization (ETA). UAE passport holders can get a Sri Lanka visa for UAE residents by submitting their Sri Lanka transit visa application within 20 minutes which can be done from the comfort of their home with a stable internet connection. The applicants no longer need to wait in a queue for an appointment at an embassy or consular office and request a visa transit Sri Lanka. 

Do Emirati citizens need a visa or ETA for Sri Lanka?

Absolutely, everyone who belongs to UAE (United Arab Emirates) needs some form of Sri Lanka visa for UAE citizens before they are allowed to travel or enter Sri Lanka. However, a large number of people from UAE can get a Sri Lanka transit visa online fairly easily, just to apply online (Electronic Travel Authorization) or on arrival at the airport. A Sri Lanka visa for UAE residents is also either for tourism or business purposes.

Types of visas for UAE citizens:

To visit the Sri Lankan island, the applicants must have a valid Sri Lanka visa for UAE (United Arab Emirates) residents. Apart from transit visa for Sri Lanka, people also require other reasons to enter the country. The type of visa will be distinct as per the purpose of your visit to the country. Not having a validated Sri Lanka visa may cause problems for you during your stay.

Tourist visas:

This visa has validity for 6 months and the visa is not transferable. Simply fulfill the Sri Lanka transit visa requirements and get Sri lanka visa. 

Business visa:

This type of visa has a validity of at least 6 months, which is expanded up to 5 years. In this case, you have to confirm that the purpose of the tour is commercial.

Employment visas:

If you are traveling to Sri Lanka for work or internship goals, you will be needed an employment visa to enter the country.

Visas for spouses or families:

If you are traveling to Sri Lanka with your spouse or his/her family or your own family, this visa type is the best for you. One will need further documents to apply for visas with your family.

Student visa:

If you are a student and want to visit Sri Lanka for academic purposes. Sri Lanka visa for UAE residents (students)  has to be renewed every year and it is validity for 5 years

Journalist visa:

You can apply for this type of visa if you are a journalist and visiting Sri Lanka for a trip, which is extinct within 3 months. 

Residence visa:

It is for non-Sri Lankans, who want to get residence facilities.

Steps to apply for Sri Lanka visa for UAE residents:

Select the Visa type according to your need and the reason for your visit to Sri Lanka.

  • Fill out your visa application completely.
  • Pay the visa fee 
  • Provide a current email address.
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