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Moz’s new Keyword Difficulty Scores Will Help You Get Better Rankings

Moz’s new Keyword Difficulty Scores Will Help You Get Better Rankings

SEO and the internet are constantly changing. With SEO, the more you know about things, the better your chances at success. In this article, we have a new tool that can help you in your SEO journey – Moz’s new Keyword Difficulty Scores!

What is Keyword Difficulty Score?

Moz has released a new  score keyword difficulty for Google that will help you determine how challenging it is to rank for a given keyword. The score is based on the number of monthly searches for the keyword divided by the total monthly searches for all keywords. Moz has also created a tool to help you determine how your site ranks for a given keyword.

How to Use Moz’s Keyword Difficulty Score

Moz’s new Keyword Difficulty Scores will help you get better rankings. Moz’s Difficulty Score is a number that reflects how challenging it is to find relevant keywords for your website based on data from Google AdWords. The higher the Difficulty Score, the more difficult it is to find keywords.

To get started, you can use Moz’s keyword difficulty score tool to see which keywords are most challenging to rank for on your site. You can also use this information to make informed decisions about which keywords to target and how aggressively to compete for them.

How to Calculate Your Own Keyword Difficulty Score

If you’re looking to improve your website’s search engine rankings, Moz has just announced a new keyword difficulty score tool. The tool is designed to help you determine your website’s relative ranking for a specific keyword and to help you adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

To calculate your keyword difficulty score, Moz uses a combination of click-through rate (CTR) data, competition data, and monthly searches to come up with an estimate of how difficult it is for people to find your content about that particular keyword.

Once you’ve determined your keyword difficulty score, you can use it to help you make strategic decisions about where and how much effort to put into marketing your website for that keyword. For example, if you know that your keyword has a difficulty score of 3 on the Moz scale, this means that it is moderately difficult for people to find relevant content about that topic online. If this is the case for one of your main keywords, it might be worthwhile investing in some additional optimization efforts. If the keyword has a higher difficulty score (5 or 6), however, it might be best to avoid spending any resources on it right now. Instead, you should focus your efforts on more easily achievable keywords that have lower difficulty scores.

Who Should Get a Keyword Difficulty Score?

If you’re like most webmasters, you’ve probably been wondering how to improve your rankings. Moz’s new keyword difficulty scores will help you do just that. Here’s what you need to know:

1. What are keyword difficulty scores?

Moz’s new keyword difficulty scores measure how difficult it is to rank for a specific keyword on search engines. They use data from Google, Bing, and Yahoo to calculate a score for each keyword.

2. How do I get a keyword difficulty score?

You can find the scores for all of your keywords on Moz’s Keyword Difficulty Index (KDI). This tool shows you how difficult it is for your competitors to rank for a given keyword relative to your site.

3. Why should I care about my keyword difficulty score?

Your keyword difficulty score affects your ability to rank for this term in Google and other major search engines. In order to rank high on page one, you need to compete against terms that are relatively easy to rank for. A high-difficulty keyword will likely be harder for your site to rank for. However, a high-difficulty keyword can also


Moz has just released their new Keyword Difficulty Scores, which are designed to help you determine the difficulty of a keyword and also help you rank for that keyword better. This is an important update as it will give you an accurate representation of how competitive a particular keyword is and what kind of effort (and investment) it would take for you to rank for it. If you’re looking to improve your SEO efforts, be sure to check out Moz’s Keyword Difficulty Scores!

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