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Most Common Errors in The Machine Translation

Machine translation has improved a lot and the incorporation of artificial intelligence has made it work better. In this day and age when most people are quite familiar with the vital role that machine translation services play in the quality of translation overall, they also understand that there are certain things that cannot be executed without human intervention.

A machine translation is an activity of translating from one language to another without any human translator. If you are an English speaker and you need to look for the translation of an Italian word you will be consulting Google translate as your first and foremost option. So Google translate is an existing machine translation and it is good as long as you need to look for a few words. However, if you look for the proper translation for official purposes you have to hire professional and native translators.

Machine tools though are of great help during emergent and urgent situations but there is no second thought that the premium quality of machine translation can only come with human translators.

Types of Machine Translation 

However, while using machine translation services it is important to be mindful of the following errors which may occur while using it. The errors vary with the type of machine translation so it is better to have a clear idea about the types of machine translation first which are:

  1. Rule-Based Machine Translation

Also written as RBMT this translation type is about the grammar of the source and target language. It further talks about bilingual dictionaries and their transfer rules. The main areas where it lacks is getting linguistic structure and words with expressions. As these, all do not appear in the instruments and due to this reason, it gets extremely extensive from start and therefore requires a regular update.

  1. Statistical Machine Translation

This translation is quite demanding as it requires monolingual corpus in the target language and the additional corpus language from source to target language. the function is based on the calculation of chances of success in translation and its problem is enormous also depending on the languages which are in question. The quality of the corpus is also noted in the field and specialization among others.

  1. Neural Machine Translation

The neural machine translation is about the parallel corpora. It emulates the way in which neurons work by associating words and underlying information to further gather ideas and be able to translate. Its drawback includes using characters and sequences which get mixed and create words that are non-existent and make no sense. So, if you own a business and looking to seek a translation solution for Spanish or Italian, it is advised that you go for a competent translation company that can offer professional Italian translation services.

The Most Common Errors in Machine Translation

Machine translation used to be full of errors. 

Translation of proper nouns

It is a repeated practice that translating the surname or a place gets poor-quality MT tools. This can also be further verified with the test or the name of the test.

False friends

In case there are quality issues with the corpus the machine translation system has to use inaccurate translation many times as it can barely apprehend the word and its normal translations. One example may include the Spanish word ‘Carrera’ which is referred to as the ‘academic degree’ however when it is translated in machine translation it gets identified as ‘career’ which changes the whole meaning entirely. Therefore, for quality and professional Spanish translation services, companies should hire human translators to avoid hiccups.

Word order

The word order is the next error that people face most of the time. It is quite common with machine translation. Particularly while interpreting a sentence, it follows the preposition but it has nothing to do with the verbal form of the sentence which is being created. Also, unnatural sentences are used in the target language. A lot of languages follow different word orders grammatically. If it is it is subject-verb object order in the German language. Therefore, there are particular demands and requirements which should be considered before hiring German translation services.

Translating Errors in the Original Text

As machine translation can not filter out the text and content and errors in it, so if there are any errors in the original text MT fails to detect the error leading to either mistranslating the word or ignoring it. So these are the things where machine translation lacks big time and a professional human translator can detect and fix such issues instantly. It is imperative for all languages including German that professional German translation services are hired from authentic and credible translation companies. 


Machine translation is beneficial when translation is required for a few words and sentences. However, it gets tough when a professional translation solution is needed. Machine translation has three types and it produces content that has immense errors in it. Therefore it is important to be conscious of all these issues while performing machine translation.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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